If a decent person ever thought that radical leftists and Marxists deeming themselves to be “social justice warriors” and politically correct “moral crusaders” have anything to do with justice or morals, that time is as gone as the age of the dinosaurs.

Because the fact of the matter is that Marxist wokeists and transgenderists in today’s have revealed themselves way too many times as fighting for completely different goals – not unlike any other kind of Marxist that has ever existed.

Namely, they are after three things: power, money – and the added bonus of denigrating white people, or, better yet, spewing out anti-white racism freely and with impunity by claiming some kind of made-up moral high ground and by portraying white Americans as well as the Europeans as inherently evil people who oppressed everything in the universe – which is, of course, light years away from the historical truth as well as modern-day reality.

Racist Cookbook!

Simply because Western civilization – predominantly the civilization of white people, although it is by no means limited to them – has evolved culturally to great moral heights so as to allow ample self-criticism when no other human civilization out there has come ever close to that – there have been those who have perceived that as a weakness and vulnerability, and have rushed to use it for their own benefit.

The latter have been playing hard but right by the playbook of classical Marxism-Leninism as well as Nazism where you have to shock and confuse your enemy, use part of it as “useful idiots”, invent a struggle where it doesn’t exist – be it class, race, or gender – and then dehumanize them in order to finish them off, including physically.

All of that so that a tremendous amount of power and wealth can be achieved even by people who have no hopes of gaining any of that through their own merit.

An especially telling is the case of a Filipina-Canadian “feminist writer” who has launched an ill-minded wokeist assault against a white woman for authoring a book on Asian food, only to ask social media users for lavish money donations shortly.

But first, let’s take a moment and imagine the latter’s cheek: how dare she who is oozing with “whiteness” write a cookbook on Asian food, what a horror?!

Marxists of all types desire to crush humans’ freedom – so in this case there is an apparent Marxist wish to rob a woman of her right to create – whether the creation might be on the food of another culture – by eliminating her from those being eligible to do that on the occasion of her race.

The self-described journalist and “feminist writer,” Canadian American Roslyn Talusan, tweeted recently with apparent indignation to her 10,000 followers that a white woman, Pippa Middlehurst, had written a book “about dumplings and noodles.”

Getting crazy!

The brazen racism of her tweet, in which Talusan also included a large portrait photo of Middlehurst led to resentment among social media users, while the white cookbook author herself said she wasn’t “going to justify” her carrier to online strangers.

Talusan in the meantime didn’t even apologize but went on the offensive as cultural Marxists usually do if they are allowed to try to manipulate the public by dehumanizing those social groups that they wish to target.

Instead, the Filipina-Canadian feminist posted a link for PayPal donations to her, claiming to have become the victim of online harassment from “Nazis” – apparently people who defended Middlehurst’s right to write cookbooks on Asian food.

Talusan alleged that the criticism she received had caused her to need therapy at a rate of $130 per hour, and she shameless declared she is in need of “tips, solidarity, heart emojis” – tips being the keyword here.

So this is how the wokeists think it works: attack a white person on wokeist pretexts and then ask the public to give you money for that.