A billboard that has been spotted on the corner of Eastwood Road and Racine Drive in Wilmington, North Carolina has garnered a lot of attention this week, even reaching numerous nation networks.

Just for a billboard.

So, what’s so special about it?

Well, the billboard in question depicted the depressing scene of US staff being evacuated from the roof of the US Embassy in Afghanistan, a scene that drew a stark comparison with the 1975 Fall of Saigon after the US defeat in Vietnam.

However, an addition to this image is what really caught the eye; the image of President Joe Biden watching on whilst enjoying an ice cream.

A second image from the same billboard also gained media attention, an image that depicted President Biden peering through some blinds, mocking the supposed silence and lack of action by the President and his administration regarding the crisis in Afghanistan.

Biden’s Brain Freeze

The billboard gained a lot of attention on social media overnight, before being picked up by the national media, much to the surprise of the owner of the billboard in question; Donald Tedder, the CEO of Tedder Billboards.

According to the New York Post, an anonymous buyer contacted Tedder in order to hire the billboard for a few weeks, before showing him the Biden advertisements.

The buyer allegedly stated that he ‘had just had enough’ of the President, referencing the American embarrassment in Afghanistan and the lack of action taken by Biden and the government.

According to Tedder, the buyer stated that he was ‘disappointed by what has been happening,’ and that he believed placing such an ad would reach more people than just writing a letter to a newspaper, which was allegedly his initial plan.

Tedder stated that the buyer had told him that he hoped the billboard ad would encourage Americans to pay attention to the actions of the government more closely, alongside questioning ‘what they themselves are doing to make this country a better place,’

Billboard revolution?

Social media very much enjoyed the viewing of the billboard, with many commenting on the comedic value and effectiveness it has brought into the conversation, especially after the rise in tensions on both sides of the political scene in the United States.

The billboard even gained the attention of the former President’s son, Donald Trump Jr, who was quick to the draw to make a comment.

He tweeted out on Wednesday night that a ‘buddy’ of his sent him some pictures of the billboard, stating that he hoped the billboard would allow the world to see ‘the Biden administration’s incompetence.’

The billboard gained so much attention that, according to Tedder, numerous other Americans from a variety of states contacted him to try and create their own anti-Biden ads, sparking the potential beginning of a Billboard Revolution.