Twitter has found itself embroiled in yet another public controversy after an eagle-eyed user noticed that the social media giants had stripped beloved actor Danny DeVito of his verification checkmark for several hours after he tweeted out his support for the striking Nabisco workers.

This recent controversy comes after numerous users have pointed out over the past week that Twitter remains to be the only social media platform that hosts accounts that belong to the Taliban and their members after the terrorist group recently launched an insurrection in Afghanistan to regain power.

This led to users labeling the social giants as hypocrites, as former President Donald Trump still remains banned on the platform.

Twitter vs. DeVito

The feud between Twitter and Danny DeVito kicked off as a result of the strikes conducted by workers at Nabisco last week, in three different states.

Workers at the Oreo-making company walked out in the middle of their shifts after they discovered negotiations regarding new contracts between BCTGM International Union and parent company Mondelez International broke down.

DeVito then became the most prominent public figure to express support for the actions of the workers, who are yet to return to the workplace.

He tweeted out Wednesday night ‘NO CONTRACTS NO SNACKS.’

On Thursday, More Perfect Union, which is a pro-union, pro-labor news outlet, pointed out to their followers that Twitter had removed DeVito’s verification checkmark after he tweeted in opposition to a major corporation.

Although a connection between the two events isn’t conclusive, many other users on the platform believe them to be linked.


One user questioned if the temporary removal of DeVito’s verification was a sign that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was beginning to punish users who speak out against a ‘large company.’

Other users noted that the action taken against one of America’s national treasures would only bring more momentum to the workers’ strike, effectively meaning that Twitter was inadvertently aiding the pro-union position.

Critics of the social media giants have been in full force over the past week, after numerous users pointed out that Twitter remained the only social media platform to host accounts that belong to the Taliban and its fighters.

These views come after the terrorist group successfully took over the nation of Afghanistan after the US withdrew from the country.

Other critics were quick to point out that Twitter is a hypocritical company, as former President Donald Trump still remains banned from the platform.