On Thursday, August 12, border officials in the Biden Administration reported that 117,000 migrants illegally entered the United States in the month of August.

One of the principal officials responsible for the enforcement of the borders is Biden’s chief of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

The day after this report, Doug Ducey, the governor of Arizona, asked Mayorkas to step down as head of DHS.

Ducey’s Statement

In his August 13 press statement, Gov. Ducey stated, “It is time for Secretary Mayorkas to resign, and for him to be replaced by someone who will tell the American people the truth publicly, stand up to the radical activists inside the Biden-Harris Administration and once and for all end the crisis at the southern border.”

Ducey claimed that there was a leaked statement where Mayorkas himself considered the extraordinary numbers of migrants streaming to the southern border to be “unsustainable,” and that he himself believed that “these numbers cannot continue.”

Mayorkas has insisted that the administration is doing all it can to control the border surge. He believes the purpose of an immigration system is to “ensure fairness and promote equity.”

Gov. Ducey also described some efforts he has made to curb the flow of Migrants into Arizona, including giving $2.5 to the State Emergency Council to help them tackle the issue as well as providing county sheriffs with $200,000 in additional funding. But Ducey does not have the resource to tackle this problem on his own, and if the federal government won’t act, there is little he can do.