There’s no getting around the fact that the weather in Washington D.C. makes everyone want to skip out of town this time of year. Yet, those with a job to do must bravely face the heat and humidity to accomplish the work that needs to be done. That is unless you are the president of the Free World. Then, you go to Delaware on vacation.


After 20 years of success in Afghanistan, Biden withdrew troops rapidly. While he got most of the soldiers and contractors out of the way, he left behind countless pieces of equipment that the Taliban can now use against us. Biden’s policies also left numerous women to fend for themselves in this political situation, where women cannot speak up for themselves. Additionally, he sent numerous church leaders scurrying underground because of their beliefs.


While Biden has been in office, the rate of inflation has soared. Americans are paying more for gasoline today than they have in recent memory. The U.S. consumer prices rose more in June than they have over the last 13 years. While those in the workforce may be seeing their wages rise, the inflation rate means that every working American can buy less. Instead of trying to solve the inflation problem, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that food stamp SNAP benefits would go up 25%, which is the most significant single increase in the program’s history. Meanwhile, Biden is enjoying delicious food while on vacation in Delaware.


COVID-19 continues to ravage many communities, especially in Florida and Texas. Biden has done nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the country. The government is helping bus untested illegal immigrants to cities across both states and expecting municipalities and non-profits to cover the expenses of caring for those individuals.

One could argue that if Biden cannot stand Washington D.C.’s heat, then he should step down.