The Texas Democratic legislators who together fled the state in order to prevent the Texas legislature from passing election security bills have now begun to turn on each other.

The Reason Democrats Left

This series of events originally began when Texas governor Greg Abbott called a special session of Texas legislature in order to pass an election security bill and a few other measures. The Democrats, who were in the minority and knew that they would not be able to prevent passage, instead headed to Washington DC so as to prevent a quorum and keep the legislature from doing anything.

Originally, more than 50 Democratic lawmakers from Texas participated in this stunt. But on Friday, August 6, that special session of the legislature officially ended. That then prompted Governor Abbott to call a second special session. This, in turn, forced the Democrats who had fled to return yet again to Texas.

According to the Texas Tribune, however, of that original group of more than 50 Texas Democrats, only 26 have decided to stay in Washington DC and not return to their state for the second special legislative session.

That now brings the total of present Texas state legislators to 95 — still five short of a quorum. However, recriminations still began to fly after some of the Democrats broke ranks and returned home to Texas.

Texas Democratic Representative Ana-Maria Ramos took to Twitter and tagged her Democratic colleagues James Talarico, Mary Gonzalez and Joe Moody, saying “[Y]ou threw us all under the bus today! Why?” Gina Hiojosa, another Democratic Representative from Texas, also attacked Talarico, Gonzalez and Moody, as well as Representative Art Fiero.

It’s not known what caused the Democrats to decide to return. After these Democrats originally left Texas, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, issued warrants for their arrest. None have thus far been arrested.