It is absolutely unbelievable that the innocent children of the United States of America, the power that saved the world from both Nazism and Marxist Communism, are getting subjected every single day to a shocking degree of radical leftist Marxist propaganda – which isn’t just anti-American but is seeking to destroy their souls and saw insurmountable conflict to the sole benefit of evil Marxist totalitarians.

Unfortunately, this Marxist indoctrination – which has somehow been allowed to thrive beyond imagination by the American public – starts at a very, very early age, and isn’t reserved just for college where it’s taken over everything.

Vicious, spiteful overweight Marxist Nazi brainwasher destroying American kids

The latest horrifying living evidence is the case of a nasty Nazi-like wokeist and transgenderist Marxist overweight chemistry high school teacher from Utah – who has been so over the line that the school authorities even had to give her the ax, apparently.

The Marxist Nazi teacher’s name is Leah Kinyon, and she shocked social media when she was videotaped on the first day of class of this new academic year, as she was telling the students how she hates President Donald Trump, unvaccinated people, climate deniers and the children’s “dumb parents” – while also threatening students who speak against being LGBTQ that she will make their life “a living hell.”

It wasn’t formally made clear whether the leftist Nazi Leah Kinyon was fired or agreed to leave on her own her job at Lehi High School in Utah’s Alpine School District – although the latter is unlikely knowing the type of self-righteous evil Marxist extremists who have sold their souls to the devil for the chance to brainwash America’s young.

According to David Stephenson, a school district spokesman, the investigation into the incident, which occurred on August 17, was concluded, and the insane extremist is no longer a school employee – although she was at first put on administrative leave.

Stephenson did describe Kinyon’s behavior as “inappropriate” and “not reflective” of the school district’s standards for “professional conduct and decorum.”

The cellphone video that went viral showed Kinyon on a classroom rant which starts as she is speaking about coronavirus vaccines – the unmasked Marxist Nazi brainwasher tells the students the pandemic would “end in five seconds” if only people were to get vaccinated.

She proceeds by telling the children that she hates Donald Trump and insults him as a “sexual predator” and “literal moron” – and she tells a student to “tattle on me” to “the freakin’ admin” because “they don’t give a crap.”

The abysmal “educator” then tells the kids to “turn off the Fox News.”

Teaching kids to hate their parents in order to recruit them easily for Marxism

In another part of her inspired Nazi-style leftist propaganda rant the “teacher” tells her students that most of their parents “are dumber than you” and that her own parents “are freakin’ dumb.”

That is part of the evil master plan of the Marxists: to teach children to defy and disrespect and hate their parents in order to destroy the American family and traditional, true values in order to be able to hijack their minds for the evil philosophy of transgenderism, wokeism, and Marxism.

The Nazi teacher shamelessly states that the moment she figured out that her parents are “freakin’ dumb”, “the world opens up.”

When a student asks if he can believe “what I want to believe” she replies that he can but he has to “keep it quiet in here” because she will probably “make fun of” him – a real enlightened position.

The Kinyon viciously attacks those students who don’t believe in climate change calling them “pathetic” and “the problem with the world.”

Forcing kids to be transgenderists under threat

To top it all off, the transgenderist Nazi lambasts those who are “homophobes” – saying that she is the faculty adviser from the Gay-Straight Alliance, and that “I love gay people” – “All LGBTQIA+ motherf***ers.”

She then tries to intimidate and cower into submission the children by saying that if any of them says “a damn word” against the gay students, “I will make your life a living hell.”

That’s what it’s come to, folks, in America, the land of the free, home of the brave – no freedom, no freedom of speech, not even freedom of thought, just vicious brainwashing, terrorism, and intimidation of our young and innocent, or anybody who cares and dares to be free!

And by whom?

By nasty, greedy, self-righteous, mindless, violent liberal fascists filled up with inferiority complexes and spite, and whose lives are so empty that they have to invent fake causes in order to hurt the good ones, the free ones, the patriotic ones – the real Americans.