VIDEO: Watch the Proud Boys destroy Antifa in Portland!

Far-left violent fascists Antifa have once again caused bloody skirmishes in the streets of a major American city – this time by staging a provocation at a rally of the Proud Boys group, who, however, did not hesitate to fight back and fend off the nasty Marxist provocateurs.

What’s even more horrifying for America, however, is that, by now, many Americans appear to be “accustomed” to Antifa’s atrocities, and the authorities in Democrat-ruled states and cities appear to more or less tolerate them.

Antifa provocateurs

Antifa thugs on Sunday showed up at a conservative event in Portland, Oregon called Summer of Love, which attracted conservative groups such as the Proud Boys.

The Antifa provocation was so savage that it caused a gunfight in downtown Portland after one man fired a single shot with a handgun and Antifa returned the fire, as per reports by The Guardian and The Daily Mail.

A man was filmed briefly firing from behind a trashcan and then ducking to avoid counterfire.

He was arrested but it remains unclear whether he had anything to do with The Proud Boys or any other conservative group.

The Antifa provocation was staged by some 30 fully black-clad thugs from the far-left Nazi-like organization who came to the parking lot of a closed K-Mart store where the Summer of Love rally was being held.

The provocation caused Proud Boys’ members to respond in kind leading to an exchange of paintball fire, airsoft projectiles, and explosions at a convenience store and a gas station nearby.

The skirmish got interrupted by the arrival of medical teams who treated the wounded from both sides; the Antifa thugs then retreated leading the Proud Boys to chant, “Whose streets? Our streets!”

Attendees of the conservative event are reported to have overturned two vehicles, including a van which they say was trying to ram their crowd; one of the vehicles got pained with the slogan of The Proud Boys, “F*** around and find out.”

A year after Trump supporter was killed by an Antifa thug

Sunday’s skirmishes caused by Antifa’s provocation came on the one-year anniversary of 2020 clashes between radical left-extremists and supporters of President Donald Trump in Portland, Oregon.

The city of Portland was all out in chaos last year after BLM and Antifa caused 30 riots between May and September, after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, according to The Oregonian.

The one hundred days of violent protests resulted in a total of 675 arrests.

A year ago, an Antifa supporter named Michael Reinoehl shot and killed Trump supporter Aaron Danielson, a member of the rightwing Patriot Prayer group, who drove through the streets with Trump banners among protesters over the death of George Floyd.

Subsequently, the violent Antifa thug was killed by the police as they were trying to arrest him.

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