No, that headline is not a joke, it’s real and it’s already happening…

A high school in Washington State has recently mandated that all student-athletes, throughout every year group, must wear an ankle tracking bracelet both in matches and during practice, as part of the school’s efforts to “prevent the spread of Covid.”

According to local reports, Eatonville High School issued the order to both student-athletes and staff, yet the order did not appear in the school’s Covid guidelines that had been published before the start of the semester.

School prison bracelets?

The use of ankle tracking bracelets is not an uncommon practice, as numerous criminals who are released on bail or on parole are required to wear one to ensure they do not break any previously set rules.

However, school kids are not criminals, are they?

Now, the same technology is being used to determine how close school athletes are to one another whilst they are competing.

Representatives from Eatonville High School have argued that these bracelets do not actually track the locations of students and staff, instead, they are used to gather data on how close students and staff are from each other, and how long they spend in close proximity.

The school also released a statement defending their policy, claiming that these bracelets will be used “regardless of vaccination status” and will allow the school to “more tightly determine” who needs to quarantine if someone tests positive.

However, the new program has gained some controversy, after an unnamed mother claimed that the school demanded that her 15-year-old daughter was to wear an ankle bracelet before volleyball practice, without obtaining parental consent.

The mother also claims, in comments made to Conservative leaning media site the Post Millennial, that she was allowed to take a picture of the device, but she was then barred from taking a picture of her daughter wearing it.

The devices used by the school are provided by Triax Technologies and were initially designed to be equipped onto hardhats, as the company specializes in construction technology.

However, the devices can also be strapped to other parts of the body, such as the ankle in this case.

Many critics point to this school as an example of Covid fearmongering gone mad, as it now appears that our next generation of kids, the leaders of tomorrow, will be required to wear prison-like tracking bracelets to stop the spread of a virus that has almost no effect on them.