It is simply unbelievable how the fallacies and delusions – or, plain and simple, just lies – of Marxism have managed to conquer completely American college campuses.

That has occurred steadily since the 1970s, first, among self-conceited faculty and staff intellectuals, and then more and more infecting the student bodies with their “class struggle” nonsense.

Except in the latest American college campus renditions of Marxism, the class struggle is “reinvented” and based on race, sex – and “gender” – and whatever else you can think of that will destroy America’s national identity, values, rights, and freedoms for the sake of a “bright future” of full totalitarian control by the Marxist “revolutionaries.”

Marxists love inventing deities

Marxists have long ago spoken against religion but only in order to replace it with their own – which is the reason they have been worshipping their deities – Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong – and other genocidal mass murderers from the not so distant past who at the moment are no doubt burning in hell.

That is also the reason the Marxist-communists in Russia mummified the body of the chief Vladimir Lenin to use him as a deity – and he is still there to this day in a vault for worshippers in downtown Moscow.

So American college and university Marxists have taken up the same task of creating their own saints of wokeism and transgenderism.

In one inspired current example, NYC’s The New School, a university founded in 1919, has come up with an incredibly wokeist mascot for itself called Gnarls Narwhal.

It is a sexless – or transgenderist sea mammal pummeled by global warming and responding to the pronouns “they/them” – in light of the tradition now where delusional transgenderist youth are selecting or inventing their own pronouns – as through that will fix their misguided and confused lives.

The New School says that Gnarls Narwhal – i.e. they “is a social justice advocate” because of climate change.

The NYC-based university describes itself as a place for people “with a passion for social justice” who are “a little … different” – or just delusional or perverse-minded.

Transgenderize & wokify

Perhaps in order to underscore “their” sexlessness - Gnarls Narwhal has something like a horn in “their” forehead – because, with real narwhals, the male has a protruding long tooth, or a tusk, while the female hardly ever has one.

So the “social justice” Marxists in today’s America have it all figured out – they will transgenderize and wokify everything they can get their hands on in order to brainwash American youth into oblivion so that they can be easily manipulated and ruled – and what better way to do that than to sever all ties with traditional American family values.

After all, the family is a guardian of what’s right, of freedom and justice, that’s even more powerful than the state at the grassroots level.

Forget about it with symbols such as Gnarls Narwhal.

Who is “they” going to be in a family with?

The happy smile conveys nothing but a self-content sexless, consumerist nothingness easily malleable and completed obeying the grand Marxist masters of truth and justice.

And that should scare us more than anything else.