Amazon to Expand its Brick-and-Mortar Retail Offerings

The domination of Amazon in the modern retail space is set to continue. The online shopping giant recently announced that it plans to open its own department stores, offering a brick-and-mortar shopping experience for its customers.

Extension of Amazon Fresh

This announcement is an extension of its physical storefronts for its grocery business. The Seattle-based company has already launched 17 Amazon Fresh stores across the country. This grocery shopping experience allows customers to walk into the store, scan in their account, select their groceries, and then walk out while skipping the checkout lanes.

In addition to the current Amazon Fresh stores, the company has already announced plans for the future development of at least 20 more of these locations.

New Department Store Plans

The first departments are slated to open in California and Ohio. The storefronts will be smaller than a typical department store.

While Amazon has not released details of what types of products the stores will offer, it is likely that they will feature some of the most popular Amazon brands.

Amazon has built a strong following for its own name-brand items. Experts predict that the department store will focus on these items while also offering a number of other brands to consumers.

Future of e-Commerce

According to a recent report from the Census Bureau, e-commerce made up 13.3% of all retail sales in the country during the period between April and June. While the sales in Amazon’s physical stores decreased slightly in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic, its online business was one of the time period’s greatest success stories.

Most retail experts and predictions forecast that sales at brick-and-mortar stores will continue to rebound in the coming months.