John Kirby, the Biden Administration’s Pentagon spokesman, is refusing to answer straightforward questions about whether terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda have been operating outside of Kabul International Airport.

Post-US Afghanistan

Now that the Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan, the US Embassy in Kabul has decided to provide American citizens who are stranded in that country with advice. The Embassy has told US citizens to stay away from Kabul Airport because there are “potential security threats outside the gates” and has instead told Americans to shelter in place.

These warnings were issued less than 24 hours after Biden Administration officials had claimed that there were actually no security threats to American at or around Kabul Airport.

When asked whether it was really true that Islamic terrorist groups where operating outside the gates of Kabul Airport, Kirby simply said, “We’re not going to get into specific details about the threat environment or what our intelligence has given us.”

This becomes a confusing combination of information for US citizens and those awaiting US visas who are still in the Taliban-led country.

According to CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang, it’s possible that ISIS may actually be planning an attack on the airport. She says that a former Afghan interpreter who has tried several times to get into Kabul airport has heard that ISIS may be planning an attack.

No further information has come out to help provide guidance for those who wish to remain safe while the Taliban begins the process of establishing a new, post-takeover government. There is no indication when further information will become available or when an attack may be forthcoming.