Is the US Headed in the Wrong Direction? Some Americans Think So

A new poll reveals that a majority of Americans questioned believe that the nation is headed in the wrong direction.

Details of Polling

Conducted by Reuters and Ipsos, the poll asked respondents if they feel as if the US is heading in the right direction or if it is on the wrong track. The results found that 59% of those surveyed chose the wrong track option while only a quarter said that the country was moving in the right direction. Additionally, 17% said that they were unsure.

The survey was conducted on August 18 and 19 among 1,003 adult Americans.

Results Broken Down by Party Lines

Not surprisingly, the bulk of the responses fell along party lines. Of Republican voters, 83% said that the country was on the wrong track. Independent voters chose this option at a rate of 66%.

On the Democrat side, 44% of voters said everything was moving in the right direction.

Biggest Problems Facing the Country

The survey also dove deep into identifying what Americans believe are the most significant issues of this time. The economy, unemployment, and jobs option was cited by 18% of the respondents as the biggest problem.

Coming in at second place with 14% of the vote was public health, disease, and illness. The healthcare system garnered 10% of the vote. Immigration and the environment each received 9%.

Only 1% of the respondents chose energy as the biggest issue. Despite the backlash from the pullout of American troops from Afghanistan, just 3% of the respondents chose war and foreign conflicts as the most pressing problem that the nation faces.