VIDEO: Giggling teacher brags about losing America flag, making kids pledges allegiance to gay pride flag instead

Seeing things such as the subject matter of this article really makes one wonder whether America, easily the greatest power the world has ever seen, has already quite literally “declined” and on its way out of history and the world stage.

Because the nation commanding the greatest world economy, military power, and modern-day culture appears be rotting rapidly from within, deliberately decayed home-grown anti-Americans, liberal leftist extremists, wokeist and transgenderist Marxists eager to destroy the American nation, capitalism, democracy, and all that’s good and pure.

Americans, American patriots have been too nice for their own good, and have left evil haters of our nation have a free pass propagating their counter-natural, ill-begotten ideas, especially targeting our youth.

The results with some of the younger generations are already showing and are spelling disaster.

More and more emboldened, however, especially now that their kind has somehow come to power through the Biden administration, radical leftists on all levels in the country are pressing their vile agenda harder and harder – from illegal immigration, to the omnipotence of the transgender ideology, to self-humiliating and self-defeating America on the world stage – much to the horror of our allies and billions looking to us for hope from around the globe, to the merciless brainwashing of our innocent children in unconditional favor of their own agenda.

American flag made her uncomfortable

This much has been demonstrated by a teacher from California who has herself revealed in a TikTok video that she has removed the American flag from her classroom, and has told her students to say the pledge of allegiance to the rainbow gay pride flag instead.

The substance of the story she has told is shocking but equally shocking is the fact that she decided to brag about it to the world in a self-made viral video filled with lots and lots of giggling about as disgusting as Kamala Harris’ chuckle.

The teacher in question is Kristin Pitzen from the Newport Mesa School District in California’s Orange County, Fox News reported.

Pitzen starts by saying she “always” tells her class to do whatever they want during the pledge of allegiance in the third period – to stand or say the words only if they’d like to.

She informs that her class “decided to stand but not say the words,” which she declares to be “totally fine.”

The teacher adds, however, that her room doesn’t have a flag since she took it down during the pandemic “because it made me uncomfortable.”

When her students asked her where to look during the duration of the pledge of allegiance with no American flag in the classroom, she told them that “we do have a flag” “you can pledge your allegiance to” – which turns out to be the gay pride flag.

Why do parents allow children to be taught by such ‘wackos’?

Just as well – why not make innocent American kids pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag?

The Marxists of all subdivisions of this evil ideology and just plain America-haters have been struggling to make America go to hell – they might have succeeded already.

Including considering the fact that Kristin Pitzen, the teacher in question, tells the whole shocking story giggling and whispering the entire time as though she is herself a third-grader telling her peers about nasty but cool mischief she just did and is extremely proud of.

The Newport Mesa School District said on Saturday that they are investigating the incident.

It said it cannot “discuss employee-related matters” but stated that “showing respect and honor for our nation’s flag” is considered by the district a “value we instill in our students and an expectation of our employees.”

Annette Franco, the district’s public relations officer, added the matter is taken seriously and being addressed.

Among those outraged by the Pitzen’s video revelations is ambassador Richard Grenell, former acting director of national intelligence under President Donald Trump, the first openly gay official with a Cabinet member rank, who wondered what kind of parents would let their kid “be taught by this wacko”?

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