The perfidious alliance between Big Tech and the liberal leftism represented by the Democratic Party is well-known – and its censorship is destroying American democracy and the freedoms and liberty of American citizens at a breakneck pace.

Big Tech was unperturbed when it banned the rightful, legitimate President of the United States from its platforms back in January – in fact they had been trying to censor him for years and looking for a pretext.

So why would they hesitate to crack down on a mother who had lost her patriot son in the blunders of vile Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden – and one who has dared speak out and tell the truth about that?

They would not.

That is what they did to Shana Chappell, the mother of 20-year-old Marine Kareem Nikoui who was one of the 13 US service members killed thanks entirely to Joe Biden in the August 26 terrorist attack carried out by ISIS at Kabul airport.

Come on, the guy even dared to die for his country?

For America that the radical left hates so passionately, while the Big Tech gurus see it as nothing more than a launchpad for their metaverses and other sick, anti-human projects where they’d enjoy playing god?

And his mother dares call out their senile buddy as the culprit in her son’s patriotic death?

Deplatform her. Ban her. Shut her up.

And she is a Trump supporter! What are we even talking about here!? Come on, how is that even an issue!?

It turns out that Shana Chappell has regularly and rightfully been bashing Biden on social media even before he managed so gracefully to get her son killed by radical Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan.

Last Friday, however, a day after the murders of the brave, young American heroes, she posted on Instagram a tribute that received lots of responses of condolences.

Subsequently, she began another tribute, including a video by Coffey Anderson, the country singer, who volunteered to sing at a funeral ceremony for the killed US service members.

Then on Monday, Chappell posted a long message in which she described Joe’s utterly outrageous behavior when he met with the relatives of the killed US troops on Sunday at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where he kept checking his watch as each of the caskets was being unloaded.

I got your son killed? Okay, whatever!

Chappell made it clear that she looked Biden in the eye and declared to him that she didn’t want to hear anything about the death of his son Beau whom he mentioned numerous times.

More importantly, she told him the truth: that her son’s blood was on his hands.

That was when the idiot Democrat president turned away, and threw his hand up behind him, meaning “Okay, whatever.”

The White House hasn’t commented on her testimony.

Apparently to punish her for standing up for justice and truth and for exposing the senile crook that is Joe Biden – the one playing with the fates and lives of all Americans – Biden’s Big Tech buddies took care of it, and Facebook deleted her Instagram account.

After Chappell posted on Facebook that her Instagram account got deleted, it was restored for some reason.

The Daily Mail cites a Facebook spokesperson as saying that the deletion was done “incorrectly” but didn’t explain how that could occur.

Big Tech is just as shameless as its buddies from the radical leftist Democrat Party – nothing is off-limits for them, and American freedom and democracy are in bigger trouble than ever.