The Supreme Court has given American conservatives their greatest victory on abortion since its 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling which legalized the practice of essentially killing unborn children in their mothers’ wombs.

SCOTUS, with six conservative justices on its nine-member panel, has decided to let stand the new abortion law of the state of Texas which bans the horrifying practice after the 6th week of pregnancy.

The greatest rollback of Roe v. Wade since 1973

The development came after the nation’s highest court denied formally a request by abortion providers from Texas to put a freeze on the new anti-abortion state legislation.

The decision was made with a 5-4 majority, with the three liberal justices plus conservative Chief Justice John Roberts dissenting.

The new abortion law of the state of Texas even allows private citizens to file civil suits against those who help pregnant women get an abortion by violating the terms of the ban, i.e. after the sixth week of pregnancy.

The majority of the Supreme Court justices wrote in an unsigned opinion on the Texas abortion clinics’ request that while they are raising “serious questions” about whether the law is constitutional, for the time being, the Court had not seen a “burden” allowing it to block the legislation because of “novel” and “complex” procedural questions.

The five-person majority said no conclusion had been reached about whether the Texas law is constitutional, therefore their ruling doesn’t limit additional challenges to it, including in the courts in the state itself.

3 liberal justices hating unborn children

The three liberal justices led by Justice Sonia Sotomayor declared the decision of the majority “stunning” – because God – Marx, whatever they believe in – forbid that they consider the plight of the unborn children murdered viciously in their mothers’ wombs, oftentimes for the sheer convenience of the parents, as propagated by the ultraliberal leftist dogmas having no respect whatsoever for the sanctity of life.

Sotomayor then went on a rant about the horrific violation of women’s rights that the Texas law is in her own perverse personal view – because, you know, the unborn child has no rights in the mind of the leftist and Marxist adherents, not even the right of being born into the world despite being conceived.

Sotomayor and another liberal justice, Stephen Breyer said they didn’t dissent “respectfully” this time, they just “dissent” – as though their own position of slaughtering unborn children is really worthy of respect!

After the ruling of the Supreme Court, as of Wednesday, abortion clinics in Texas started cutting drastically their services.

Of course, their biggest grievance is losing all that money now that abortions in the state will be rightfully limited to just the sixth week of pregnancy.

Just like the liberal leftist Marxists, those don’t care about an unborn baby’s life, either.

It’s just that their motivation is money – whereas the convinced leftists care solely about their vile, inhuman ideology.

Sleepy Joe also speaks out

Against that backdrop, the clueless, senile Democrat President Joe Biden put up a brief statement on Twitter – likely coming solely from his comparatively more conscious aides – claiming – despite the fresh ruling of the Supreme Court, that the Texas law violates the Constitution.

Sure, the life of an infant to be born and live in this world is such a gross violation!

Biden’s brief statement added that his administration is committed to defending the godless 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade.

Luckily, patriotic, conservative forces in this nation are taking greater and greater action in the name of life and justice.

When the Supreme Court returns from its current recess in October, it will hear another Roe v. Wade case, a challenge to the ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy adopted by the state of Mississippi.

But it is encouraging that the state of Texas has managed to go so far in defending the sanctity of life despite all the leftist rage and the Marxist Democrats being in power in the federal government.