As the liberal leftist administration of Sleepy Joe Biden has turned the US – Mexican border completely open, not just hundreds of thousands of impudent illegal immigrants are crossing it and settling like a piece of cake inside the United States, but also the mobsters who are trafficking them are getting more and more brazen by the day.

So not only is the richest, most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America, unable to secure its own border under the radicalizing Marxist Democrats – but it’s also unable to scare off Mexican mafia scum enough so as to make it clear that attack US law enforcement officers is completely off-limits.

Not under Joe Biden, it isn’t.

A new and particularly brutal assault against a Border Patrol agent by a human smuggler has just occurred at the San Ysidro port of entry, near the city of San Diego, California.

What’s more striking, though, is that it is the third such attack by a trafficker on a border agent within just the past month!

It is also crucial to note that the attack took place when the Border Patrol officer was attempting to arrest illegal immigrants crossing from Mexico into California – so the attack was clearly designed to prevent the agent from performing her duties.

Between San Diego and Tijuana

According to the reports based on the announcement by US Customs and Border Protection on Saturday, a total of five people have been arrested in connection with the attack.

The arrests were done as part of a special operation that took place on Wednesday, and also led to the seizing of vehicles, ammunition, drugs, and makeshift ladders – all belong to the “criminal organization” which is considered responsible for the brazen and brutal attack.

The assault itself occurred last week near the San Ysidro border crossing which is between San Diego and the Mexican city of Tijuana.

A Border Patrol agent was trying to nab a group of about 12-15 illegal immigrants at a spot located between two border walls.

As the illegals saw the agent, they escaped back to Mexico.

However, the agent went to retrieve a ladder they were using.

That was when she was hit by a smuggler with what most probably was a 2x4.

The agent was helped by her colleagues and later got treatment in a local hospital as she got facial lacerations and contusions.

The Border Patrol operation was coordinated and carried out in collaboration with the government of Mexico, which carried out two search warrants, and busted one US citizen and four Mexican citizens.

Fentanyl and more

The contraband that was seized from the suspects included narcotics such as fentanyl and methamphetamine.

In its statement, the CBP emphasized that the case is the third attack in the past month in the said sector of the border against Border Patrol agents.

In other recent attacks against border agents elsewhere, one near San Diego and another one in Texas, human traffickers fired at BP agents.

Almost 213,000 illegal immigrants crossed from Mexico into the United States in July alone, and the number keeps growing thanks to the hands-off, all-Third-World-welcome-to-settle-in-the-US policy of Sleepy Joe Biden.

That is already causing an avalanche of horrendous trouble for the people of the United States.