Evil, godless, hellish Marxism has been aggressively taking over US college campuses thanks to misguided faculty members with disgusting inferiority complexes – but liberal leftist Nazis are increasingly targeting America’s high school kids as well, desperately trying to brainwashing the innocent young souls into the sinful and criminal ideologies of wokeism, transgenderism, and fascist-communist extremism.

It’s just beyond unbelievable

One of the most outrageous cases providing evidence of that is seeing developments in the Natomas School District in Sacramento, California, where Gabriel Gipe, a high school teacher of government at Inderkum High School, has been exposed as a member of far-left fascist terrorist group Antifa, a fan of genocidal Chinese communist dictator Mao Zedong, and as a radical intimidating children into becoming adherents of his criminal far-left extremism.

Gipe was exposed as a far-left anti-American anti-human extremist through an undercover report by Project Veritas, a conservative activist journalism group.

Gipe was filmed explaining his methodology of turning children “into revolutionaries” in 180 days by “scaring the f*** out of them.”

He openly calls for the creation of parallel government structures of far-left extremism, reveals his involvement with the criminal thugs from Antifa, and defends the biggest mass murderer in human history, Chinese communist dictator Mao Zedong and his “Cultural Revolution” which saw unbelievable atrocities.

Gipe’s classroom sported both a flag of Antifa and a portrait of mass murderer Mao, and when a student anonymously objected to the Antifa flag, the “teacher” – who isn’t really worthy of being called that – told the class that only “fascists” are made to feel uncomfortable by it.

Gipe also tricked his students to participate in far-left extremism activities of Antifa by giving them extra credit in his class, and put their photos on a wall with an ideological ranking – which he bragged was moving further and further to the left.

He also revealed that there are more teachers like himself who are “rads”, i.e. radicals. Public outrage explosion – but will it be enough?

As a result of the revelations by Project Veritas, public outrage exploded at a Natomas school board meeting earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Project Veritas reported that the board has taken steps to terminate Gipe as a teacher at the respective school for violating school district policies on the impartiality of education and that his classroom has been wiped clean of Antifa and Mao Zedung posters.

Parents who attended the school board meeting, however, were extremely outraged, and rightfully so.

Many demanded much harsher punishments for Gipe – the far-left Nazi sleaze ball seeking to turn their own children into braindead communist radicals.

One mother who brought her daughter with her, a student at the school, told the board that in the short period since the school year started on August 13, Gipe managed to brainwash her daughter’s mind “about some fascist crap” that the board has allowed in the school.

One parent, a former correctional officer, said he has been to the former Soviet Union seven times and has been working with victims of communist violence for 40 years, and exploded into revealing the horror that the likes of Gipe cause to humans in the system of far-left extremism.

What has happened?

How come American high schools have been allowed to become breeding grounds for far-left Nazis and communist thugs?

Not just America but the entire humanity is in trouble because remember who stood in the way of both Nazism and Communism – which are basically the same thing – as they tried to conquer the world?

It was the United States of America.

Now they have arrived here and targeting our heartland and our children, and unless America acts to root them out, all of mankind is headed for a bloody apocalypse that the likes of Gabriel Gipe are seeking to commit!