The “transsexual” or a biological man claiming to be a woman who caused public outrage in June by visiting a Wi Spa venue in Los Angeles, and showing his half-erect penis to women and girls in the female section, has been identified as 52-year-old Darren Agee Merager, a big male with a long conviction record.

That’s a long criminal record for any “gender”

The case at Wi Spa in June focused public attention as any decent and normal person has been outraged by the disgusting act of Merager’s disrobing in front of women and teenage girls and waving around his male reproductive organ.

Back then, the spa clerks reacted by saying they can’t do anything about it because under the laws of the state of California, which have been informed by evil, vile Marxism and idiotic and no less evil transgenderism, if a man claims he is a woman, he is a woman and can go stick his penis in the face of women in the female section of a spa.

This is what we have today in states getting utterly destroyed by liberal leftist extremists – such as California, and under the administration of the radicalizing liberal left presided by Joe Biden.

Of course, the incident caused by criminal Darren Merager didn’t end there: as Christian groups and women’s rights groups went to the Wi Spa location to protest against the incident in subsequent weekends, they were viciously attacked and beaten by far-left Nazi extremists from Antifa.

We are left to wonder how the United States of America, the greatest and most powerful nation in the world, got to a point where a man can claim to be a woman and flash his penis at women and girls – and do that legally! – and then when decent citizens go to at least protest against this, they get attacked by communist-fascist thugs!?

In this particular case, it is even more shocking considering who the perpetrator is: Darren Merager has been accused of indecent exposure and he has committed trespassing, burglaries, and has failed to register as a sex offender, The Daily Mail reported.

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Merager, with the LA District Attorney filing against him five charges of indecent exposure.

According to court records and neighbors’ accounts, Merager has been a “troubled and lawless transient” avoiding his parents’ home in the conservative Riverside neighborhood.

Merager’s criminal record contains two convictions for indecent exposure back in 2002 and 2003, three burglaries, failure to register as a sex offender, a third exposure still being contested by the defendant, three convictions for trespassing, unlawful carrying of a switchblade, two convictions of loitering with intent to commit a crime, reckless driving, resisting arrest, driving without a license, giving a police officer false identification, and unlawful taking of a vehicle without permission.

This is the kind of person Antifa Nazis have flocked to defend by battering and threatening to kill law-abiding, tax-paying American citizens disgusted with the sickness and perversion of the act committed at Wi Spa in Los Angeles.

Claiming to be a woman to get into women’s locker rooms

According to the records of the LAPD, Merager weighs 200 pounds and stands at 6’2”.

His most recent address listed in April 2020 is the home of Brenda Merager, his 76-year-old mother.

Brenda and her partner have refused to comment, and neighbors said they have never seen Darren Merager there.

Earlier this week, Merager told The New York Post that he is the victim of “transphobic harassment” because “trans women” were allowed to go in “women’s spaces” but then get arrested for indecent exposure.

He argued that there must be an “indecent exposure exemption” for transsexuals for places where “you’re expected to be nude.”

However, the LAPD describes Merager as a man posing as a transgender woman just so he can enter women’s locker rooms.

His present arrest warrant has been issued after four adult women and an underage girl told the LA police that Merager’s penis was “partially erect” in the female section of Wi Spa during June’s incident.

This is what we get for allowing transgenderism to conquer and terrorist the American nation.