As the Supreme Court, luckily, with its conservative, God-fearing majority, has led stand the new abortion law in Texas restricting the practice to the sixth week of pregnancy, i.e. when the unborn child gets a heartbeat – a major victory has been scored for all those who oppose the brutal murder of innocent souls.

Of all the crimes out there, abortion is certainly one of the most heinous ones, with the still undeveloped body of the unborn child getting scraped out of the womb of his or her own mother.

What just as heinous is that there are many out there, liberal leftists, who seem to consider the unborn child merely some kind of an organ from the body of the mother – and apparently not a useful one, instead of a separate person with a soul and a life of his or her own.

Hence their constant outcry about women’s rights to do as they please with their bodies deludes numerous potential mothers into thinking an unborn child is devoid of the quality of being a human.

Satanists advocate abortion. Isn’t that enough?!!

Yet, perhaps the most categorical evidence of the godless, sinful, and hellish nature of abortion has been an admission that has come from one of the disgusting groups backing it, the Satanic Temple religion, also known simply as the Satanists – whose name is pretty self-explanatory.

As they voiced their opposition to Texas’ new abortion law, the Satanists have also previously admitted that they actually use abortion as their official child sacrifice ritual!

Apparently, because of that, the Satanic Temple religion has been an official and ardent supporter of Planned Parenthood and abortion rights.

The Satanic Temple, which is based in Salem, Massachusetts, has apparently been lobbying the Food and Drug Administration to allow abortion pills to its members in the state of Texas.

The Satanists’ rationale has been their insistence that they are a “faith-based” group supporting the abortion procedure.

For that, the Satanic Temple group has used the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the law which notoriously allows Native Americans to make use of actual narcotics as part of their religious ceremonies.

Satanists want their child murder to be ‘uninterrupted’?!!?

Lucien Greaves, the co-founder of the Satanic Temple, was quoted by Fox News as saying that their request should be approved because that would make Texas AG Ken Paxton “proud” because it would support the implementation of Texas’s Religious Liberty laws.

In his words, that would “prevent” the interruption of “future Abortion Rituals” by “superfluous government restrictions”.

“What the **?!” – is the only thing you should be thinking after reading this!

So there is an entire “atheist religious group” of “Satanists” who abort babies as legal child sacrifice rituals?!

And the government of the United States of America, up until recently at least, a civilized, Christian, Western nation, is allowing that?!

The Satanist group is allowed also to have some 300,000 members, to function as an NGO, and to petition the US Supreme Court – which it did last year, against Missouri’s stricter abortion law.

This is unbelievable.

Clearly, the Satanists, or whatever the hell they are, must be disbanded as soon as possible, and the use of unborn child murder, i.e. abortion, as legal child sacrifice must be made punishable by the law in the harshest way possible!