Even American university which are officially affiliated with Christian religious denominations have turned to actively promoting LGBT affiliation and transgenderism – a processes running parallel to some of the respective protestant churches also undergoing the same change.

Once pillars of Christianity, family values and age-old traditions that served as sturdy foundations for the continued robust success of American society, we have allowed American college campuses to become a cesspool of transgederism and other vile Marxist ideologies that are ripping apart the fabric of the American nation and seek to destroy our freedom and democracy in order to create a totalitarian anti-utopia of the Marxist-communist left.

While some conservative publications have covered this process as simply a “change”, the fact of the matter is that this is a change that carries the potential to lead to America’s total collapse – and it’s a cause for urgent alarm.

Christian universities becoming transgenderism hotbeds

All the more so as some Protestant denominations are turning into “progressivism” and in particular “transgenderism” hotbeds.

Recent developments in that shocking regard abound all over the map.

Emory University, which is officially affiliated with the United Methodist Christian denomination, has been at the forefront of that regrettable change.

It has recently allowed the decoration of an entire dormitory wall, of a building called Alabama Hall, with transgenderist murals dedicated to gay pride.

The transgenderist art features numerous multi-colored individuals with their fists raised, while one figure is portrayed with a sign heralding “The Kiss”; a couple can be seen with rainbow pride flags, and all of them together hold a banner, reading, “We’re Here! We’re Queer! Get Used to It!”

Another mural on Alabama Hall features two Democrat politicians, late Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, and Stacey Abrams, former candidate for governor of Georgia.

The two are pained alongside Martin Luther King, Jr.

The deplorable pro-transgenderist but also pro-wokeist, respectively Marxist changes in some Christian churches and some officially Christian-affiliated universities have been underway for quite a while now.

Ubiquitous transgenderism to server the radical Marxist totalitarian agenda

Last December, the Human Rights Council of Southern Methodist University condemned the domination of the college’s homecomings by “Greek organizations with mostly white members,” and demanded that the titles of homecoming king and queen be erased.

It said it was going to boycott the homecoming events until the university met four of its demands, an appalling mixture of wokeism and transgenderism making for the unstoppable march of Marxism to brainwash the minds of American youth and terrorize those who dare to stand up to it.

The demands in question included abolished “gendered language” in the homecoming events – including the notions of “king” and “queen” – because the liberal leftists cannot stand reality; nominating candidates for the new monstrosity of “Homecoming Royalty” of all “sex and gender” identities – whatever and however made-up those might be; voting for the “royalties” without regard for “sex and gender” identities; and just altogether selecting them in “gender-neutral manner.”

Earlier in 2021, in Kentucky, Al Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, condemned Hope United Methodist Church because the leadership of the congregation, which is based in Bloomington, Illinois, was considering to ordain an openly gay drag queen.

Back in 2019 Durham University in North Carolina, which is affiliated with the Calvary United Methodist Church, hosted a drag show entitled “Drag Me to Church” in order to support gay marriage.

It isn’t so much that times are changing; it is that they are changing in a perverted, deplorable direction where everybody is being forced to be an ardent wokeist, transgenderist, and Marxist, or risk being harassed, terrorized, and marginalized through organized mob violence and increasingly institutional and government violence.

That’s the America that we are rapidly ending up with.