A Florida restaurant owner seems to have inadvertently invented a new business model – one that is based on banning supporters of despicable Democrat president Sleepy Joe Biden and his abysmal administration.

The model has worked so well in no time, rather unexpectedly, that there are other restaurants wishing to copy and apply it on their own.

That is good news since it means that public awareness among the nation is growing about the disaster that Biden is, and so is his Democrat gang – especially now after they have gone out of their way to cause a category 1 disaster in Afghanistan.

Biden is abysmal but this transcends him as accountability must be universal

At the end of last month Angie Ugarte, owner of the DeBary Diner in Florida, put up a sign outside the venue, telling anybody who supports “the worthless, inept, and corrupt” administration which is “currently inhabiting the White House” to “take your business elsewhere.”

Ugarte made the decision to use her right to refuse service to administration supporters after the murder of 13 US troops and hundreds of Afghan civilians at Kabul airport during the botched evacuation in a suicide bombing terrorist attack carried out by ISIS-K – after Joe Biden had set up the perfect conditions for it.

The business of Ugarte’s restaurant boomed as numerous customers came to support her stance, and last week she had to close temporarily after running out of food.

The restaurant owner now says other business owners have contacted her and asked to copy her newly found “business model,” i.e. to put up the same sign, as cited by RT.

She described that as “freaking great” because there is a need for a lot more people to stand up to hold Biden responsible for the catastrophe he caused.

Ugarte insisted, however, that her sign and partisan admission policy isn’t political or contributing to a sort of a political “cancel culture.”

She argued that her decision was entirely based on the specific policy decisions and tactical moves by the Biden administration, and that she would have put up the same sign if, for example, President Donald Trump had made the same decisions.

Not that he would have but she does make a convincing point that “you need to hold… responsible” “your president” whoever he or she might be.

Ugarte declared her conviction that the president of the United States must be the “commander-in-chief”, and not one who would “hide behind the teleprompter” and “wait for someone to instruct him.”

Death and bomb threats, of course

The reports also quotes some of the customers flocking to her restaurant as declaring that Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan has been a “horrible job,” and as expressing doubts with respect to his “intellectual” and “mental” capabilities.

One restaurant customer urged anybody to watch videos of Joe Biden.

The customer emphasized that show that he “can’t take questions” but even when he does, he is incapable of answering them “coherently”, which is “very unfortunate.”

Restaurant owner Ugarte revealed that there have been attempts to terrorize and intimidate her, as she has received death and bomb threats – apparently, by the typical far-left extremists supporting Joe Biden and wreaking havoc upon this country.

Ugarte hasn’t caved, and has received especially strong support from the local military community.

God knows America needs more courageous citizens like her who would take a stand against the evil of leftism and would defend Americans’ freedom, democracy and prosperity.