By now it has become painfully clear that wokeist justice is no justice at all, that it causes and promotes a lot more crime and injustice than it might possibly rectify – and that it is a political manipulation tool from the radical Marxist left’s toolbox.

More evidence to that end is the fresh case of a criminal from Minneapolis, Minnesota who was bailed out by a wokeist justice bail fund – and one supported by her wokeist highness, Joe Biden’s incompetent veep Kamala Harris – only to commit a murder in broad daylight.

The suspect is 48-year-old George Howard, and the victim is Luis Damian Martinez Ortiz, 38.

On August 29, the former shot and killed the latter on I-94 in a brutal road rage incident.

Notably, Howard shot Ortiz right in the chest, leaving him no chances of survival.

What’s maybe even more striking, however, is that the murder occurred partly thanks to Kamala Harris.

Howard was released from jail just 23 days earlier, on August 6

He was in custody on domestic abuse charges and needed $11,500 to be freed on bail.

This is when an organization aptly named the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), seemingly a wokeist justice NPO, stepped up and paid the brutal criminal’s bail – just so he can go out and murder the unsuspecting Luis Ortiz on the highway by shooting him right in the chest.

What’s still more striking is that the nonprofit in question – the “Minnesota Freedom Fund” – was ardently promoted by Kamala Harris in 2020 during her vice-presidential campaign on Joe Biden’s ticket.

Harris tweeted to urge for donations for the “Minnesota Freedom Fund” which would be used to bail “those protesting on the ground” in the state.

She referred to the numerous vandals, looters, and arsonists – the same who burned an entire police precinct in Minneapolis, clearly an act of blatant sedition – during their wokeist, “racial justice”, etc. protests after the murder of George Floyd.

Any sane, honest person would wonder – how would burning, looting, and vandalism bring justice for Floyd’s death?

And any sane, honest person would reach the conclusion that they would not.

Instead, Floyd’s death was used in the nastiest possible way to cause ethnic and racial tensions by the deranged liberal leftist Marxist establishment in its quest to establish a totalitarian communist-like regime in America and crush anyone and anything that dare to oppose it.

And those “on the ground” – that Kamala Harris wanted to bail at the time – were just the petty criminals, violence-seeking looters, many of them clearly anti-racists seeking historical revenge against white folks for whatever crimes they were brainwashed to believe they were the victim of.

Apparently, the “Minnesota Freedom Fund” has been here to stay, and it’s keeping up the “good work” of bailing out criminals who then murder people.

In the specific case of George Howard, he fled the scene of the crime, he switched with another passenger in the car for the driver’s seat, and he claimed the other passenger killed Ortiz – although video footage at the hands of the police shows otherwise.

If found guilty of all the new charges against him, he could get up to 80 years in prison.

Against that backdrop, the “Minnesota Freedom Fund” had the cheek to tweet in defense of bailing out Howard because a judge deemed him eligible for that.

They should go and tell it to Luis Ortiz – oh, wait, they can’t because the criminal they bailed allegedly killed him.

But they should at least go and tell that to his loved ones.

If they have the decency to do it.

Or maybe they should send in Kamala Harris.

She will be alright and up to the job.

She’ll emit one of her famous hyena-like chuckles and be done with it.