Liberal leftist radicalism and Marxism have been wreaking havoc on American higher education, destroying completely freedom of thought, freedom of speech, independent and critical think, the right to disagree and have an opinion – and all of that in order to create obedient, morally deficient and intellectually stunted foot solders of wokeism, transgenderism and other kinds of identity politics.

This climate doesn’t tolerate not just any dissent but also any form of freedom and its expressions.

The Soviet Union would have been really proud of what has been occurring on college campuses all over the United States of America.

They’ve made America’s youth fear

The latest case proving the gravity and the scale of Marxism’s takeover of American higher education is that of Peter Boghossian, an assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University.

Boghossian has quit his job with a bang, penning a scathing open letter, devastatingly critical of the education system now fully dominated by the plague of “identity politics.”

The philosophy professor exposed the university for banning any kind of thought that might deviate from its liberal leftist agenda.

Boghossian, who was a full-time professor at the school for a decade, said the PSU has become a “social justice factory” with abundant “intolerance of divergent beliefs.”

He co-wrote his letter with former NYT columnist Bari Weiss, who just like him quit because of the terror of radical leftism.

In milder terms, Weiss quit The New York Times, one of the leading machines of liberal leftist propaganda brainwashing the nation in favor of Marxism, because the publication wouldn’t accept any non-liberal ideas.

In the letter, Wiess and Boghossian paint the horrifying picture of university staff seeking only to impose their own truth, cracking down on any “divergent” beliefs, and abdicating completely from their supposed “truth-seeking mission.”

He declared that the PSU students – and the same is probably true of most colleges and universities in America – aren’t “being taught to think”, and are instead getting “trained to mimic the moral certainty of ideologies.”

Boghossian emphasized that the entire liberal leftist setup has created a culture of fear in which the students are too afraid to express their true thoughts “openly and honestly.”

They have no shame – and they accept Hitler’s writings as their own!

The honest and morally sound professor has previously exposed the liberal leftist and Marxist bias among American academia by writing and submitting to peer-reviewed journals “hoax papers” in order to demonstrate that the publications in question would publish any kind of nonsense as long as it fell in line with their own “ideals” – regardless of whether the theories and hypotheses in question might be completely fake.

The papers in question included a rewriting from a chapter of Adolf Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, the bible of Nazism, which was published – and so was a paper about dog rape and the unprivileged position of bitches, i.e. female dogs.

Instead of feeling at least a tiny smidgen of shame because of their blind ideological far-left fascism, the radical leftist and Marxist scholars reacted by accusing them of wasting their time!

Boghossian also revealed that the leftist Nazis have been harassing him on campus including by drawing swastikas next to his name, depicting him like a Pinocchio, spitting on him, and having other faculty tell students not to take his classes – and of that simply because he dared stand for academic and moral integrity and defied the horror of radical leftism and Marxism.

What this courageous and true American academic, who hasn’t lost his integrity to the monster of leftism, wokeism, and transgenderism, is revealing is both truthful and dreadful.

No matter how we as the American society have come to this point, the main thing now is to fight back.

Otherwise, it might soon be the Soviet United States of America.