Liberal leftist Marxists have utilized the killing of George Floyd in May 2020 to the fullest in order to impose upon the grand American nation the malicious notion of wokeism and “critical race theory” so they can utilize it in order to come to power and create an anti-utopian Marxist totalitarian dictatorship – while also getting filthy rich in the process.

American citizens and especially innocent American kids are now being brainwashed on every level, everywhere to believe the lies that white people are evil and oppressors, and everybody else – people of color, “BIPOCs”, or the made-up “gender minorities” are saintly, winged angels and have always, since the dawn of time been oppressed by the devilish whites.

This narrative is, of course, completely false but it is taking advantage of the desire of Western – and predominantly white nations – “to be nice”, as renowned British comedian John Cleese has put it, their becoming “softer” and starting to care about people’s feelings – including other people’s feelings.

Well, guess what.

Turns out that nobody – and especially the wokeist, transgenderist Marxists care about white people’s feelings – or about reality and truth.

So much so that white people are rapidly being terrorized in their own countries by vicious wokeists allied with Big Tech, including many white “useful idiots”, as per Vladimir Lenin’s genius formulation, who are spreading white self-hatred.

All of that is meant for two purposes only: first, the Marxists grabbing power and perpetuating that power grab for good through all-out totalitarianism.

Second, to use it as a tool of revenge and retribution against the white people of today for whatever “crimes” are attributed to their ancestors – which, if any, or no different than the crimes of all humans, all racial groups, anywhere on the planet.

But of course, the wokeist radicals deny and lie about that all the time.

“Racial equity training” – nothing by anti-white racist brainwashing

Now it has emerged that Big Tech company Google has started its own “racial equity training” for its employees – and the materials show that is actually an anti-white racism training.

All that it tries to prove, fallaciously, of course, is that white people are evil, hateful monsters – and since they are white, there’s no escape from it for them – which is an extremely racist, Nazi belief.

Documents from Google’s training on how to be a total racist towards white people have been leaked by Christopher Rufo, a City Journal reporter, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The Google anti-white training has it all in terms of the top anti-white lies: that America is entirely a “system of white supremacy” in which 3-month-old (white) babies are racists, that there are tons of “white privilege” and “systemic racism”, and instead there must be only “equity” and “intersectionality.”

All of that means a sort of ethnic cleansing of white people or at least of their “whiteness” – because as they are already being portrayed as subhuman daemons, they should apparently be done for unless they spend every second of every day on earth atoning and repenting for the sins ascribed to them which they never committed.

Some anti-white racist anarchism here

Google’s training contains videos from guest lecturers such as Ibram X. Kendi, author of a book called “How to Be an Anarchist”, apparently a bestseller, for whatever reason, who declares in his training clip that when you are raised in America, you are “raised to be a racist” and “addicted to racism.”

WOW! Imagine that!

The ultimate racists – first, because they are rabidly anti-white people and wish to see them expunged, and, second, because all they blabber about day and night is race, and they are creating new segregation, and multiple made-up identities to fit their horseshit about “identity politics” – these sinful promoters of nothing but racism such as Kendi are accusing those who wish to be nice of racism.

This is nothing but a shameless, criminal, and absolutely sickening abomination!

The Google brainwashing, i.e. training also features Nikole Hannah-Jones, another all-out shameless hater of white people, the creator of the infamous racist propaganda project by The New York Times called the “1619 Project” which tells the gigantic lie that everything in America is connected to slavery.

The clearly vile and moronic Hannah-Jones – if she believes her own lies, that is – says in her video that the selling of the first African slaves is “more foundational” to America than the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.

This is, of course, a claim that only a completely ignorant or a complete evil individual could make – or both.

Rufo reveals that Google’s “anti-racism” resources – meaning “anti-white” – contain chairs that show pretty much all things white or all things American as hopelessly racist.


There is no need to enumerate them – if you happen to be white or a non-white person who considers himself or herself a decent American – anything that you think of would be racist.

Google’s horrendous, lying “racial equity” training was first announced by the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai in 2020 after the death of George Floyd.

The tables have been set by the liberal leftist Marxists.

What’s left to be seen is where that will take us, and whether the evil anti-white haters would manage to achieve their anti-utopian far-left wokeist and transgenderist totalitarianism – or something and somebody will stop the horror they are trying to inflict upon the world.