In their ever more ruthless and brutal quest for totalitarian power and self-enrichment through it – precisely the way shown by Soviet, Chinese, and other Marxist-communists, the radicalizing leftist Marxists in today’s America are causing societal atrocities that any sane person should be appalled at.

For example, the sickening restoration of segregation, especially when it comes to black Americans, and especially with respect to black college students.

The rationale of the repugnant Marxist left is as simple as it is evil – it is magnifying all kinds of identities in its vicious “identity politics” – in this particular case the black identity – so that it can divide the American society as much as possible, breaking it down into groups that are much easier to delude, manipulate, lie to and control.

The smaller the groups – with the pathetic invention of the “intersectionality” nonsense – the easier it is of the Marxist-communists, who have replaced economic class struggled from original Marxism with identity-based class struggle – to treat these identity domains as its own feudal estates.

You’re embarrassing me!

Popular TV talk show host Bill Maher – being an old-school type liberal, the kind that one could have a decent and mutually respectable debate with – has delivered another devastating critique to the increasingly radicalizing left, this time focusing on how Marxist wokeists are restoring segregation.

In the most recent episode of his show “Real Time”, Maher answered the question by many leftists as to why he has been criticizing the left so much recently.

“Because you’re embarrassing me!” he said, putting it bluntly – and he is so right because no self-respecting actual liberal of the old-school type would ever put up with the wokeist and transgenderist nonsense of modern-day liberals – who are barely liberals anymore but just foot soldiers of identity-based class struggle for Marxism, Socialism, and Communism.

The liberal TV host focused in particular on last Thursday’s NFL game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys, in which singer Alicia Keys sang a song called “Lift Every Voice and Sing” – the same song that is increasingly known as “the black national anthem.”

Maher warned that if America has two different national anthems, and those happen to be based on race, that would be a road back to “segregation” even if it might be “under a different name.”

He once again ripped colleges where liberal leftists have managed to force the establishment of segregated graduation ceremonies and segregated dormitories – for black and white and other groups of students.

Making children hyper-aware of race

Maher further blasted the left for “taking children” in order to be “making them hyper-aware of race.”

Unfortunately, however, Maher seems too naïve and unaware of who he and the rest of us in America are dealing with here.

It isn’t as though the liberal leftists will hear him and say, “Oh, wait, what we’re doing isn’t a good idea, it’s not right, we’ll stop it immediately!”

They are doing what they are doing on purpose.

The true modern-day Marxists, wokeists, and transgenderists are doing what they doing deliberately and they are extremely sly and perfidious.

They only care about a handful of things: destroying America, destroying capitalism, being able to control others through totalitarianism, and getting filthy rich in the process of gaining power and enjoying those riches to the fullest.

That is what America is up against.

And the likes of Maher who have decency, honesty, and common sense must realize that as soon as possible in order to save whatever can be saved of their old-school liberalism.