Pathetic and obnoxious New York progressivist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked everybody with a sense of basic decency by attending Monday night’s super lavish Met Gala, the fanciest event for American celebrities, despite preaching to “the masses” about her working-class values.

NYC mayor making a fool of himself

AOC, however, wasn’t the only repugnant Marxist who enjoys some lavishness – turns out that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also showed up at the marvelous party – and together with his son Dante de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray.

What a public leader New Yorkers have been blessed with: a devoted Democrat who loves being close to the people.

As it turns out, the superrich celebrity people.

There’s nothing a great, dedicated socialist enjoys more than fancy feasts in time of plague – not unlike Barack Obama’s exuberant 60th birthday bash in his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard Island just as America was starting to be pummeled by the Indian delta variant of COVID-19 – both Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the US Congress, and Bill de Blasio, the mayor of the largest city in the United States – thought, “hey, let’s go enjoy ourselves and revel in the luxury – the good people of America will cope with the coronavirus pandemic and the financial hardship that’s been causing for close to 2 years now just fine.”

Not unlike AOC who wore a lavish dress (oxy)moronically inscribed with the words “Tax the rich,” the officially elected public leader of New York City Bill de Blasio showed up on Monday for the gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art with a flashy blue velvet suit.

For the record, this is the same hyper elitist event that the same De Blasio ridiculed back in 2019.

Back then he declared that he isn’t “an elite guy” and that “it’s just not my thing” – and that he had “a different approach” from the elite that goes to the gala to hang out.

‘Just about the recovery’

Two years later, however, the Democrat mayor of NYC doesn’t seem to have any of that anti-elitism left as he attended the same event as Kendall Jenner, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Lopez.

As De Blasio arrived on the red carpet with his wife and son, a large number of protesters outside the Met were being arrested.

It is sad that De Blasio didn’t wait for two more months before his term expires and decided to make a hypocritical mockery of himself by attended the Met Gala at a time of acute public health and economic crisis.

He just didn’t have this much decency.

Of course, the Marxists, socialist and communist populists would always spin it to make it fit their imagined reality.

Thus, De Blasio’s spokesman Bill Neidhardt shamelessly claimed that the NYC mayor went to the Met Gala for the sole purpose of “highlighting” the “resiliency” of the independent designers of the city and the “comeback of fashion industry jobs.”

After that, De Blasio personally made an even bigger fool out of himself by telling Politico that his going to the fancy celebrity event was “really about our recovery” and “inclusion” and things that “make this city great.”

Sure, Mr. Totally-lacking-in-morals Mayor, tell it as you wish.

Just it to yourself and your wife and son, not to common Americans.

Because they know you are full of **.