The Black Lives Matter movement is such a hoot!

As long as there is “race” involved, or, rather, “blackness” involved, BLM extremists will rush in there with their Marxist cohorts in order to protest for their rights with no regard whatsoever of what is right and wrong, or whether the people they are defending might have committed a crime.

That’s because in today’s America dominated by liberal leftist Marxism and wokeism, the “race card” is always right – it just doesn’t matter who did what and whether what they did might be wrong.

BLM will be there to protest, not to worry

The latest target of the BLM vigilante justice is Carmines, a New York City restaurant on the Upper West Side where last Thursday three black women from Texas physically attacked the 24-year-old Asian hostess who questioned the validity of their vaccination cards.

As a rule, racial violence cases which do not involve members of the eternally “evil” white race, as per the racist teachings of Marxists wokeism, are confusing to the liberal leftist establishment since the whole idea of wokeism and as Marxist proxy is to instill hatred against whites as a means of precipitating America’s destruction.

Video footage that caught part of the violence doesn’t make it explicitly clear who started it at the entrance of the Carmines restaurant – but the three Texas women claim that the 24-year-old Asian woman, the hostess, was the “aggressor”.

In all actuality, the hostess was left from bruises and scratches, and appears to have only been saved by the swift intervention of the restaurant staff who rushed to defend her.

For the BLM movement, however, their default victims are always right – no investigation is needed, and no justice has to be served – because they know best and they know what is right, and that’s determined by nothing but skin color, apparently.

Thus, Hawk Newsome, a co-founder of BLM in New York, has announced, as cited by The Daily Mail, that the anti-American Marxist group is going to hold a protest at the restaurant on Monday.

Hostess with ‘anger management issues’?

Justin Moore, a civil rights lawyer from Texas, told the Daily News that the NYC restaurant hostess “has anger management issues” and her “aggression and violence” were taken out on the “three black women.”

Moore claimed that the injuries sustained by the hostess were caused by her physical restraining by the restaurant staff.

Carmine’s restaurant lawyer Carolyn Richmond categorically denied the accusation of the three women from Texas.

She said the claims that the trio was “racially profiled” is nothing but “a complete fabrication, disingenuous, and outright irresponsible.”

The three women from Texas, Sally Rechelle Lewis, 49; Kaeita Rankin, 44; and Rankin’s niece Tyonnie Keshay Rankin, have been arrested and have been charged with criminal mischief and misdemeanor assault.

They were told to appear in court on October 5.