The well-known recipe of terror by Black Lives Matter has been played out once again as a group of bigoted BLM storm troopers, some wearing black full-face masks, showed up on Monday at the Carmine’s restaurant in New York City to “protest’ against “anti-black racism” after three black women attacked a young Asian hostess there last week.

Black-on-Asian violence. What do wokeists make of that?

The famous NYC Italian restaurant was besieged by a small group of harassers shouting offensive slogans, accusing the restaurant and the entire universe of being racist, and terrorizing some of the clients, who happen to be white, because of their skin color, i.e. white.

Three black women from Texas – Kaeita Rankin (44); her niece Tyonnie Keshay Rankin’; Sally Rechelle Lewis (49) – were arrested last Thursday after attacking an unnamed 24-year-old Asian hostess after she questioned the validity of their vaccination cards.

The Texas women claimed that they were racially profiled, while their lawyer later added claims in their defense: that the Asian hostess called “the n-word” and the word “monkey”.

The accusations are denied by the management of Carmine’s restaurant.

One gets to wonder whether name-calling is indeed a legitimate reason for physical assault, not to mention that the validity of the racial slur claims is disputed.

On Monday, Carmine’s released its own footage of the incident, which it said was an “unprovoked” attack by the three black women against the Asian woman – raising the question of who really is racist and who isn’t.

Racial scandals – real or perceived – among minorities, with no whites involved, are a real nightmare for the belligerent Marxist wokeists because they aren’t sure who to attack: for them white people have been made into the one and only villains who ever walked the face of the earth, thanks to the vicious, lying anti-white racism propaganda.

In this particular case, the surveillance video showed that the attack against the non-expecting Asian hostess was perpetrated by the three black women.

However, there is no audio, and it remains unclear what was said exactly and by whom.

BLM wokeists still found a way to attack white people

Truth and reality are of no interest whatsoever for wokeist terrorists and the rest of the nasty Marxist bunch.

Marxism teaches them that reality is whatever they make up.

There is little wonder then that a group of aggressive Black Lives Matter activists showed up at Carmine’s on Monday night to protest “racism” – whatever the hell that means when black people attack an Asian person – who is the racist?

Or maybe both sides – both of them “minorities” – are racist towards each other, which makes the entire exercise in racial justice a moot point.

Which it is by default – racism accusations are only used by Marxists to try to “destroy capitalism”, establish Marxist totalitarianism, and humiliate white people in the process.

The BLM storm troopers at the Italian restaurant shouted chants such as “Carmine’s are racist”, “F*** you, Carmine’s”, and, of course, “Cancel Carmine’s.”

They were actually really lucky because there were white clients entering the restaurant.

The wokeist mob immediately harassed them for having “white privilege” and, of course, white skin color – perhaps these people should have somebody skin them and they can then “put on” a different color skin?

In a “racial” conflict, real or perceived, between black folks and Asian folks, the BLM protesters seized the chance to once again attack white people.

As long as this harassment of American citizens by wokeist storm troopers without any regard for truth and reality is allowed to continue, there is nothing good that awaits America even in the near future.