Anti-white racism is skyrocketing throughout the United States, a country established entirely upon the statehood, governance, and philosophical heritage of white people.

This is just as unsurprising as it is shocking simply because no other outcome could be expected as modern-day wokeist Marxists, who are waging race-based “class warfare”, have been allowed into power, and are meticulously and quickly putting into motion their anti-American, anti-white racist plans to establish a Third world-type far-left totalitarian dictatorship.

The way things are going, pretty soon white Americans might be hunted down in their own country simply because of their skin color, and for no other reason.

A very fresh and very blatant case in hand demonstrating anti-white racism in public is an incident caught on video in which two impudent black female supporters of BLM are confronting two male white college students at Arizona State University simply because one of the two young men has “Police Lives Matter” sticker on his laptop.

Supporting the American police, and, by extension, law, and order, is a deadly sin for the evil wokeists who wish nothing but disorder and chaos so they can loot, rape, kill and pillage – as they demonstrated in the violent race riots of summer 2020.

And, yet, the aggressive verbal attack caught on video by the pro-BLM attackers themselves and shameless spread online, quickly becomes not about police – because the attackers evidently believe all police officers must be slaughtered – but about how evil white people are because they are white.

One of the two female black students brazenly tries to kick out the two male white college students who are simply doing some studying because the area where they are sitting is a “multicultural space.”

The two white kids are completely taken aback – as they should, being verbally assaulted and insulted in public in their own country simply because of their skin color by anti-white racist extremists who apparently want nothing else but to see them die.

As the nasty BLM extremists are telling the kids to get out because they are white and cannot be in the “multicultural” space – one exclaims how “being white” isn’t a culture – and he gets told that it isn’t.

Of course, it isn’t for the far-left wokeist, Marxist extremists – they wish to wipe white people off the face of the earth, and using their race in order to shame them, assault them, and persecute them.

The black women in the video then start screaming that “white men” are taking “our space” because they “can get away with this sh*t.”

But not after accusing the white kids of being racist for supporting police, law, and order because, according to the wokeist extremists, all the police do is kill black people – and that’s that.

The anti-white racist wokeist international has spoken, and they have the upper hand, the final word, and the moral authority in the increasingly wokeism-raped America presided over by Sleepy Joe Biden.

Imagine the sickening impudence of the anti-white extremists who then even put the video they made on social media.

Luckily many of the really forceful responses have been reactions of utter outrage and calling a spade a spade – a brutal verbal assault of anti-white racism.

Unfortunately, too many of these are happening these days, and they all seem to go with impunity.