Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is one of the many great or formerly great cities of the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America, which are rapidly being ruined by Marxists, wokeists, and transgenderists from the radicalizing Democratic Party.

The spiking homicide rates and the overall spiking number of shooting incidents have already shaped like one of the top indicators for wokeness and general Democrat incompetence across America.

In other words, the causality is simple: the more wokeist the respective city government, the more it ruins local law enforcement, and the higher the crime rate, including homicides and pretty much all sorts of offenses.

In 2020, the city of Philadelphia, whose name comes from Ancient Greek and means “brotherly love”, saw a record of 499 homicides, according to police data.

That number is almost tied to 1990 when the largest city in Pennsylvania saw a total of 500 homicides.

However, it was also a whopping increase year-on-year, as in 2019, the figure was “only” 356.

As of late September 2021, i.e. towards the end of the year’s third quarter, Philadelphia has already surpassed the grim milestone of 400 homicides – and, unfortunately, though logically seems en route to surpassing the records from 1990 and 2020, possibly making 2021 the deadliest year in the city’s criminal history on record.

‘Get cops on the ground now!’

The 400-homicide mark was passed over the weekend when at least four people were killed, while 10 were wounded in new incidents in the city, prompting Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner to schedule a press conference for Monday.

A statement he issued on Sunday made it clear that only 29% of the homicides in Philadelphia lead to arrests and also only 15% of the nonfatal shootings do so.

Krasner called for major restructuring in order to focus on “violence prevention.”

He also insisted that the authorities have “more research and data than ever” in order to use them to come up with solutions to tackle the violence spike.

Krasner urged all Philadelphians to be absolutely “outraged” by the huge number of homicides and other violent incidents.

According to Fox News, however, only one city councilor, Cindy Bass, has sounded the alarm over the spiking homicide rate, urging the city leadership “get cops on the ground now” and to “get more money and resources” for law enforcement – which is running contrary to all the tenets of the anti-American, anti-law and order abomination that is known as wokeism.

‘No snitch’ mindset

Philadelphia’s Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney, in office since January 2016, made it clear on Sunday that he is going to announce additional grassroots organizations later this week which will benefit from a total of $155.7 million of funding reserved to tackling violence.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people gathered for a rally on Saturday at Philadelphia’s Vernon Park to protest against the rising violence and the failure of the authorities to crack down on it.

Philadelphia resident Patricia Griffin, who lost her son Darien in 2003 when he was shot and killed, called for ending the “no snitch” mindset which stimulates locals to abstain from reporting violent offenders to law enforcement.