Both the German Nazis and the Soviet Commies would have been proud of today’s America – and especially of its college campuses where it seems like the ideologies of Nazism and Communism – which have a gigantic amount of things in common – have triumphed above even the most basic of notions of human freedom and democracy.

Freedom of speech, thought, and conscience is entirely gone as self-appointed thought police censors are crushing any form of dissent from the dogmas of wokeism and transgenderism – which are nothing but two versions of Marxism, the most hateful, murderous ideology in human history.

Wokeism is racially based Marxism, while transgenderism is “gender” based Marxism.

Here’s what a language mandate is like: straight out of the Marxist hell

A case in hand of the Nazi and Commie triumph in America’s higher education is an institution called Point Park University, which is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The little known school has issued a hellish language mandate on “Misgendering, Pronoun Misuse, and Deadnaming”, and a student who has dared to rebel against the disgusting case of totalitarianism is facing a shocking fate.

According to the language mandate, one is only supposed to be referred to by their preferred “gender identity, pronouns, or chosen name” – and anybody who “violates” that dictate is facing horrendous punishment – both officially by the school and by the leftist terrorist Antifa-style mob violence in person or online.

Screw English as the official language of the United States of America, screw common sense, or human freedom or human dignity!

It’s all about the totalitarian dictatorship of the far-left Nazis!

The language mandate of Point Park University orders the follow substitutes for the real pronouns and nouns in the English language for its 4,000-strong student body:

You Guys → Everyone/Y’all Sir/Ma’am → (Omit From Sentence) Boyfriend/Girlfriend → Partner Ladies & Gentlemen → Students/Guests Men/Women → All People/All Genders That Guy → Person in the Blue Hat Mother & Father → Parent Brothers/Sisters → Siblings Boys/Girls → Kids He or She → They

An example of an appalling far-left Nazi newspeak sounds on the Point Park University campus has been offered by Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

It sounds, as follows, “Those shoes belong to hir. Ze made them hirself.”

Rabid young Nazi / Commie censors

The story of Point Park University’s transgenderist language dictate has been brought to public attention by Logan Dubil, a student at the university who is a correspondent for Campus Reform.

Speaking on Fox News, Dubil dared express the common sense that he “personally” believes “in science”: namely, that “there are two sexes and two genders: male and female.”

While the transgenderists claim that a dictate such as the one at the school would defend everybody’s beliefs (for example, when they believe they are a gender that they themselves have invented) – Dubil rightfully complained that the mandate is forcing him against his beliefs.

Of course, the vile Marxists don’t care about that – in Marxism, there are always those who are far more “equal” than the others.

Rabid young Nazis / Commies from Point Park University’s student body – of the self-appointed censor types – however, have stated a petition on demanding that he be suspended from the school for not respecting “others’ pronouns” – and for making “transphobic” statements.