“Cancel culture” is one of the most favorite tools of the far-left Nazis to impose their will on “the masses” by utilizing a repugnant alliance that the Marxists have with Big Tech in order to exercise online mob violence – often accompanied with physical Antifa and BLM-style violence in person – in order to silence anybody who dares to defend freedom, have an independent opinion, or just disagrees with their attempt to impose totalitarianism on America.

Thus, cancel culture is the death of democracy, the death of freedom, and a method of nothing but the evil that comes straight out of the gates of hell.

It is when faced with the radical Marxists’ sinful cancel culture that one proves his or her worth – and it is regrettable to see so many public figures are succumbing to it, and kowtowing to the self-appointed vile liberal leftist censors.

Jay Leno’s only way to ‘survive’ is by bending over

Long-time TV talk show host Jay Leno has admitted that he is among that disgraceful group, thus in effect striking down any achievements that might have been significant throughout his long career in the entertainment industry.

71-year-old Leno, who now hosts the Jay Leno’s Garage series, told the People Every Day podcast that if one doesn’t conform to cancel culture, he or she is “out of the game” – and that apparently, he’s voluntarily decided to conform – what a shame!

Instead of choosing the path of resisting authoritarianism and totalitarianism of the far left, the vile, hateful Marxist ideology, with its wokeist and transgenderist offspring, Leno has decided that “the only way to survival” is to stoop, or, better yet, bend over.

“You either change or die,” the supposedly legendary talk show host told podcast host Janine Rubenstein, reiterating comments that he made earlier this month.

Of course, one can “change” by rising up and fighting whatever evil is faced with – such as the dictate of far-left, anti-American, anti-freedom Marxism!

Evidently, though, which one can, Jay Leno cannot.

He even had the impudence to compare his disgraceful cancel culture conformity to “the evolution of an athlete” – when they change the rules of the game, say football.

The difference is that football is indeed a game, and freedom and democracy aren’t.

They are about people’s life, consciousness, and the prevention of tyranny, in this case, Marxist tyranny seeking all kinds of pretexts – race, gender, etc. – to manipulate its way into absolute power.

Freedom and democracy – and dignity – seem like concepts completely lost to Leno, who then went on a self-deprecating tirade, which is truly painful to listen to, in which he explained how he modified his jokes to pass the vicious Marxist censorship enabled by Big Tech.

Why not apologize to Kim Jong-un, too?

Earlier this year, Leno already made clear his spineless capitulation to the far-left when he issued an apology to Asian Americans because jokes he made about North Korea in the past supposedly hurt their tender feelings.

He might as well have apologized to the North Korean communist dictatorship of Kim Jong-un.

We don’t want to hurt the feelings of a brutal murderous dictator!

It is appalling to see and hear any public figure capitulate before the radical left – but, then, again, Leno has been around for so long that he must have done an awful lot of “changing”, i.e. compromises with conscience, freedom, and democracy.