Buckhead, the richest suburb of Atlanta is pressing hard with its effort to break away and set up its own city, as the largest city in Georgia is infested with rampant crime and the situation is being exacerbated by the policies of the local authorities.

The well-off residents of Buckhead are getting desperate as they are being the victims of non-stopping crimes despite contributing tremendously to the budget of the city of Atlanta.

A new city in the making because of rampant crime

The CEO of the “Buckhead City Committee” (BCC), who seeks to make the suburb independent of wokeist Atlanta, Bill White, has described the situation as “living in a war zone” with constant “shootings and killings,” as cited by Bloomberg.

White official filed the motion to secede from Atlanta back in June.

He has ripped Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and the rest of the city leadership for ignoring the spiking crime in Buckhead and failing to do anything to improve the “demoralized and underfunded” Atlanta Police Department.

Back then the motion to secede came after Andrew Worrell, a Buckhead resident and a father of three, was shot twice for no reason, and barely survived.

In August, another Buckhead man, Kenon Jennings, was murdered near a local bar.

His death was the 9th in Buckhead this year, compared with six murders last year, and the 121st for the city of Atlanta, compared with 98 last year.

For the time being, it is still unclear when the bill to de-annex the high-end suburb from the city of Atlanta will be voted upon but the vote is expected to be some time in 2022.

If it is passed, the brand new city of Buckhead, with a territory of 24 square miles and about 90,000 residents, is expected to be formed and running on its own by June 2023.

If that occurs, Buckhead would become the first city in the state of Georgia that would break off from an existing city.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, right now Buckhead makes up about one-fifth of the population of the city of Atlanta (as opposed to the much bigger metropolitan area).

However, according to the Buckhead Community Improvement Index, its residents provide about 38% of the city’s tax revenues.

Crime issue, not a race issue

Leftist critics of the attempt to break off from Atlanta expectedly describe it as racially motivated or just plain racist – because of course, they would!

While Buckhead’s population is 82.4% white and 14% black citizens, Atlanta as a whole is 51% black.

Yet, Buckhead activists have made it clear the problem they have is with crime and the wokeism that’s boosting it, not with race.

Wokeist policies have caused the Atlanta police force to lose nearly 200 officers in 2020 alone, which is why Buckhead wants to create its own police department.

According to a University of Georgia poll, some 54 – 62% of Buckhead’s citizens would like to separate from the city.

While Buckhead has failed at previous attempts to annex itself, this time the BCC has been able to raise $1 million to support the initiative, including with several $100,000 donations.