Aided by the tools of Big Tech social media, wokeism has already created a devastating racially-based sense of entitlement that is destroying any semblance of meritocracy.

That is of course precisely what the radical leftists want: meritocracy and the rise of talented, wholesome citizens with moral integrity is an insurmountable hurdle to dictatorship and totalitarianism, whereas “class struggle”, including the type based on race and gender that the Marxists are stoking in today’s America, creates grave societal conflict, and the formation of “entitled” classes who are instrumental in the establishment of regimes of the communist dictatorship type.

It is unimaginably painful to watch in our nation of today how those with principles and talent are being cast away and even crushed by vicious Marxists who have embraced racial determinism in their brutal quest for unbridled power and dishonest riches.

The wokeist entitlement impudence

A particularly telling case in that regard is that of an accounting professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, Gordon Klein, who is now suiting the dean of the school over a nasty wokeism incident from June 2020.

Klein’s career and private practice sustained tremendous damages when he chose principle over the repugnant yoke of wokeism creeping its way towards the ultimate establishment of an unopposed sense of racial entitlement for some groups of the American population.

In an essay posted on former NYT writer Bari Weiss’s Substack site Honestly, Klein announced he had filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles.

Klein, whose career at UCLA spans 40 years, committed a grave “sin” against wokeism: he refused to treat black students differently, i.e. “more leniently”, in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis back in May 2020.

The case involving Klein is stupefyingly moronic.

On June 2, 8 days after Floyd’s death, a student wrote to Klein requesting that he mark the work of black students “more leniently” arguing that they had been “traumatized” by Floyd’s killing.

Imagine that!

How lowly and impudent!

Some freeloader wants to use a tragic event to get off more easily in class – and wokeism takes it from there and nearly ruins a hard-working established professional’s entire career.

Klein wrote that he considered the request “deeply patronizing and offensive” to the black students – not that the student who asked for the concessions cares about any of that.

The request was in fact idiotic and might as well be classified as criminal.

The honest professor issued a scathing and utterly fair reply in which he wondered whether students who are half black should be getting half a concession on their marks because of George Floyd’s murder.

Or whether white students from Minneapolis shouldn’t also get a concession.

Klein concluded that there was no way he would assess students’ work based on their skin color – wokeism and Marxism are inherently racist and they don’t care about that! – and that he was sure that would be against the constitution of the state of California.

Death threats for academic integrity

Of course, then the well-known scenario followed: his email went “viral”, and he was immediately assaulted on social media with savage insults and deaths threats, and had to use police protection to preserve his life!

Klein was punished with three weeks of suspension, and his entire life and career were turned upside down because of some moronic, disgusting wokeist sense of entitlement and the Big Tech empowering violent online mobs.

He is now suing the UCLA Anderson dean Antonio Bernardo not only to receive compensation for the damages caused to him but also in order to “protect academic freedom.”