The main reason that vile liberal leftist Marxists are so successful in terrorizing the American public and in breaking down the American society in various made-up identity groups is its alliance with Big Tech as social media are allowing a particularly vicious type of mob violence.

Anybody who doesn’t agree with the Marxist dogmas can get his or her life completely destroyed within hours simply thanks to online harassment.

Horrifying arbitrariness

The very “social media” corporations themselves present another site to this anti-freedom, anti-democracy online terrorism as they truly enjoy censoring anybody who isn’t in line with the official Marxist mainstream that’s taken over America through extremely perfidious means.

The latest case of such horrifying arbitrariness has been YouTube, a Google subsidiary, deleting the entire channel of the Ron Paul Institute, a non-profit founded by former Republican and libertarian congressman Ron Paul.

Paul established the NPO in 2013, after he retired from Congress where he represented the state of Texas.

He is a three times presidential candidate – 1988 when he ran for president on behalf of the Libertarian Party, and in 2008 and 2012 when he took part in the GOP primaries vying for the Republican nomination.

On Thursday, Paul tweeted in desperation that his Institute’s YouTube channel has been deleted with “no warning, no strikes, no evidence.”

He issued a plea for help as he revealed that the appeal was rejected automatically and that the only explanation for the censorship was that the channel violated YouTube’s “community guidelines repeatedly.”

A “very shocked” Paul was especially puzzled by the channel’s deletion because he emphasized his institute’s YouTube channel was only rarely used.

He subsequently tweeted screenshots of emails received from YouTube which made it clear that his appeal was received but the platform decided anyway to uphold the decision.

Purging all forms of dissent

Nevertheless, apparently because of the major public outcry, YouTube issued a new response later on Thursday declaring that the Ron Paul Institute’s channel has been restored, and informing about the entire incident “this was a mistake”.

The YouTube censorship charade clear hasn’t gone unnoticed by the public.

According to libertarian scholar Jeffrey Tucker who is in charge of the Brownstone Institute, YouTube’s move was designed to purge “all platforms of dissent”, a campaign which is “getting worse by the hour.”

Previously, on Wednesday, YouTube announced that it is banning all content that it considers to be anti-vax, regarding any kinds of vaccines, not just COVID-19.