Wokeists are a particular brand of Marxists who wish to destroy America, freedom, democracy, and capitalism by substituting the “class” element of “class struggle” with “race” and “racism”.

In order to achieve that goal, the wokeists are artificially “racializing” and segregating American society, meticulously rolling back the tremendous progress that this nation has made in that regard since the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement.

In doing that, they couldn’t care less about fighting actual racism.

Being racist themselves, they wish to have more of it all over the place, and, if it is absent – which is very often the case – they just create racism artificially in order to be able to impose their vicious anti-American agenda.

This is straight out of Russian mass murderer Vladimir Lenin’s revolutionary playbook.

Sickening fake racist threats

In one particularly shocking case, it has just turned out that a black woman has been masquerading as a member of the Ku Klux Klan and sending threatening anti-black racist letters to the residents of a total of seven African-American neighborhoods in Georgia.

Among other things, she would apparently post notes on people’s doors threatening that their children will be killed.

By the KKK.

Wow, just wow!

Imagine how ingenious the 30-year-old terrorist named Terresha Lucas must be – assuming that she acted all alone, of course.

What a wonderful wokeist anti-American conspiracy she has managed to cook!

According to the police department in Douglasville, Georgia, Lucas has been charged with a total of 8 counts of terroristic threats, The Daily Mail reported.

The investigators revealed that Lucas described herself in her terrorist letters as a “six-feet-tall white male” who has “a long, red beard” and “did not live in the neighborhood.”

Months of investigation

Back in March of this year, there was an outrage-filled TV report by CBS46 News, in which residents living in the Brookmont subdivision in Douglasville, about 23 miles west of Atlanta, revealed how they had received threatening, racist letters in their mailboxes.

The letters in question – authored by the industrious young individual Terresha Lucas, as it turns out – said the KKK would be killing children, hanging people, murdering entire families, and setting homes on fire.

At least seven local families have received such threatening letters, with the first two sent back in December 2020.

Then more such fake racist letters were discovered by residents in February and March.

According to Douglas Police Detective, Nathan Shumaker, then were was a pause of six months when another letter was reported on September 6.

After months of investigation, on Labor Day, the local police managed to find evidence linking the terrorist threats to Lucas’ home.

The police haven’t revealed any details about the suspect’s motives, and her mugshot is yet to be released but records from the Sheriff’s Office of Douglas County show that she has been booked into jail.

Each of the eight felony charges that the woman faces could bring her a prison sentence of five years, plus a fine of $5,000.