VIDEO: `F**k Joe Biden' chants take over NASCAR Stands, NBC reporter turns that into `Let's Go, Brandon!'

Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has shaped as being the ultimate disaster for everybody, including himself, not to mention for America, just 8 months after occupying the White House.

His public approval rating has clearly taken a nosedive among independents, and even among Democrat voters, while patriotic conservative audiences have long ago known that he is totally good for nothing – except incurring tremendous damages upon the United States of America.

This is particularly clear as in large-scale public events such as sports matches – with the chant “F**k Joe Biden!” already taking over the football stadiums.

Now that has spread to the NASCAR tracks as well.

However, the mainstream media, those perfidious leftist Marxist propaganda machines, are trying to cover that up even if means seeming absolutely ridiculous.

“F**k Joe Biden!” to “Let’s go Brandon!”

NASCAR’s event at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, in which Brandon Brown scored his first win ever in a NASCAR Xfinity Series, just demonstrated that as the “F**k Joe Biden” chants erupted all across the stands.

As Brandon Brown was interviewed by an NBC News reporter after the race at the Talladega Superspeedway, passionately stating how he had just seen his “dream come true,” the audience could clearly be heard chanting the catchy and righteous anti-Biden slogan showing the American public’s outrage at the Democrat president.

At that moment, apparently playing dumb – or perhaps being dumb, the female NBC News reporter registered the chants but declared that the audience is shouting “Let’s go Brandon!”

How she got from “F**k Joe Biden!” to “Let’s go Brandon!” is quite perplexing but we gotta give it to her quick “wits” of figuring out a substitute phrase that rhymes with the former rather blunt sentence.

Of course, her wits didn’t suffice since anybody seeing the interview footage can make out the real message of the Talladega Superspeedway crowd.

So we’ve ended up with an absolutely pathetic attempt on part of NBC News, one of the most repugnant leftist propaganda machines of the mainstream media gang, to cover up the true public feelings about Sleepy Joe Biden, the most incompetent and inadequate occupant of the White House in a very, very long time.

Tweeted, then deleted

While NASCAR at first posted on Twitter a video of the interview with Xfinity Series winner Brandon Brown, it later deleted that tweet.

The administrators of NASCAR’s Twitter account must have done that either out of shame over the NBC News reporter’s pathetic cover-up attempt or maybe because they, too, wish to hide the true public sentiment about the disaster that is Sleepy Joe.

Of course, there is no hiding that.

The “F**k Joe Biden!” is only going to get louder as the patriotic civil society of the great American nation starts resisting more and more the vile Marxist attempts to destroy us.

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