It is incredibly unbelievable how there are so many absolutely vicious haters of the United States of America in our country who have benefitted tremendously from American freedom, American democracy, and American opportunities – and who are nonetheless taking advantage of all of that to preach for this nation’s destruction.

Far-left Marxists are springing up like mushrooms “from sea to shining sea” preaching about how awful America is even though it has been incredibly kind to them.

They are using the freedom to criticize and turning it into a crusader campaign to destroy.

American youth are being brainwashed into hating their own country, and, what might be even worse, into admiring other countries, especially ones ruled by brutal, murderous leftist dictatorships who’ve drowned their nations in blood.

For some reason, there are too many “useful idiots” out there, as per the classic definition of Russian revolutionary mass murderer Vladimir Lenin, who are available for vicious manipulation by the true Marxists wishing to crush American freedom and democracy and to replace them with a far-left totalitarian regime – which will also making the latter group filthy rich by praying on taxpayer assets.

‘F**k You! Get Out of Here!’

Against this backdrop, a quick and efficient lesson in patriotism has come from an unexpected source: rap singer Pitbull, who is a first-generation Cuban-American.

In a recent concert, the very successful rapper, who is born Armando Christian Perez, has spoken rather categorically in America’s defense, setting straight its numerous moaning critics.

It is not known when exactly Pitbull’s concert in question took place but footage from it was uploaded to Twitter last week.

He directly addresses “whoever the fk doesn’t like the United States of America” with a blessing but adds, “Fk you at the same time.”

Pitbull then tells those individuals to “go back to the countries that we the f**k from” in order to experience “how much you appreciate the United States of America.”

‘Control you own destiny’

This isn’t the first time the Cuban-American rapper has demonstrated his appreciation for the United States.

Pitbull’s mother arrived in the US through Operation Peter Pan in1960-1962, and his father came to America through a visa lottery.

He has attributed his work ethic and success largely to his family immigrating from communist Cuba to the US – simply because America offered freedom, opportunity, and the chance to “control your own destiny”, as he remarked in an interview back in 2015.

The problem with the vicious immigrant or home-grown leftist Marxist critics of the United States is that they never go to countries that they so supposedly admire: they never go live in Cuba, or China, or Russia, or North Korea.

Instead, they are staying here and keep enjoying their freedom and American wealth while fighting to sabotage this nation in order to overturn the Constitution and replace it with totalitarian hell.