The hellish jaws of Marxism-Communism, in its wokeist, transgenderist, and other manifestations, are increasingly gripping the United States of America in a deadly bite, and soon there might not be any escape from it.

In the second half of the 20th century, America saved the world from brutal, murderous communist totalitarianism by defeating the Soviet Union in the Cold War and taming Maoist China.

Today, however, in the third decade of the 21st century the extremely vicious doctrine of Marxism is posing a grave danger to America, freedom, democracy, and capitalism than ever before because it is infiltrating us from within, and it has been empowered tremendously by Big Tech social media and surveillance technologies.

Insane online mobs are imposing upon the once great and free American society the censorship of wokeism and transgenderism as perfidious Marxists figured they would replace the failed “class struggle” with “racial class struggle” and “gender class struggle” in order to crush America from within and build a horrifying far-left hi-tech totalitarian dictatorship on top of its grave.

And they’ve managed to make all of that fashionable, too, by teaching American youth to hate their own fatherland for crimes it didn’t commit, and by forcing all to fall in line with the dogmas of wokeist-transgenderist Marxism.

Then, again, there are those who are embracing it wholeheartedly thinking they are cool like that, there is the celebrity “useful idiot” type, as per Vladimir Lenin’s definition – never mind that the ideology of Marxism-Communism in its various forms has killed 100 million people – the greatest mass murderer of all time.

When in doubt, dress like a deranged moron and sport the Communist Manifesto

One such celebrity seems to be Grimes, a bizarre, grotesque-looking 33-year-old musician far more famous for the fact that she has had a child with Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, and that they’ve broken up recently, and now she’s his ex-girlfriend.

Grimes, already repulsive enough, recently announced that her son doesn’t call her “mom” and doesn’t think of her in the terms of her being his “mother”, and how wonderful that is.

That should be enough a clue of the kind of nutjob that Musk used to date – but in any case, she’s put up a public performance that is a grotesque representation of today’s American society and how it’s being gripped by Marxism thanks to ignorance, fleeting pop culture, social media superficiality, celebrity status greed, a sheep-like desire to be fashionable and cool, and a completely misguided sense of “social justice.”

Clad in an insane outfit described by The Daily Mail as “seemingly inspired by cosplay or fantasy themes” – in order words, a completely idiotic attire – Grimes went for an outing in the streets of Los Angeles reading and sporting an edition of the 1848 Communist Manifesto by disgraced German philosopher Karl Marx.

Just like that.

Advertising the out-of-touch with reality booklet that’s been used to justify the greatest atrocities in history – so we can be sure that lots of brainwashed, misguided American youth will rush to cherish that harmful pamphlet simply because Musk’s idiotically dressed ex walked around LA with it.

She just had a bad Commie breakup with the world’s richest guy

The ex-girlfriend of the richest guy in the world at present sporting the Communist Manifesto – Karl Marx would surely be happy to see that.

In all fairness, Grimes clarified after her walk that she is not a “communist” but admitted she didn’t know how to express her views regarding the government.

So she isn’t just hypocritical but also completely misguided – and she figured she might as well hang out and parade the Communist Manifesto.

But maybe we should give her a break – she’s just had a breakup and it was her first walk in public since that.

And maybe we should just give all American Marxists a break – after all, they only wish power, wealth, self-importance, self-righteousness, and a little destruction.

Enter the Communist Manifesto – except in today’s version “class” is replaced with “race” and “gender” – otherwise it’s the same vicious struggle invented for no rational reason whatsoever by Grandpa Marxy.