The wokeist crusade against American law enforcement is already bearing fruit just as the liberal leftist Marxists intended it: the US police are being slandered and sabotaged ever more efficiently, and the police force has been so denigrated that not only are scores of officers leaving but those who remain are becoming hesitant and even helpless to intervene to put an end to even less complex law violations.

Dancing on top of police cars

This much has become obvious from shocking and completely outrageous footage from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in which impudent street racers were allowed to block traffic, do “donuts” around a police car and even dance on top of police vehicles.

Even if the police eventually managed to clear the illegal gathering and restore traffic, it took them quite a while to do so, and in the meantime, for whatever reason, they were observing the blatant lawlessness completely helplessly.

The disheartening incident took place shortly before midnight on Saturday, and at no other location but right in front of the Philadelphia City Hall in the very downtown of the city!

The footage, apparently filmed from the window of a tall building nearby, shows a Dodge Charger muscle car “spinning donuts” multiple times around a Ford police cruiser.

Onlookers can be heard exclaiming, “No f** way!” and “Oh sh, oh sh!”

One onlooker can be seen clambering onto the bonnet of the cop car.

Before hitting the spot in front of the Philadelphia City Hall, the same group of street racers was filmed doing donuts on an intersection outside Philadelphia City Hall.

Traffic was blocked by their cronies, some of whom even set off fireworks near the passing cars and didn’t hit anybody merely by chance.

The video was aptly entitled, “’We really lawless as sh**!” – and who can argue with that as the Philadelphia Police Department didn’t arrest anybody over the incident.

Later hooligans could be seen as they were dancing on top of cop cars before Philadelphia PD eventually managed to break up the gathering and restore the traffic.

Donut spinning led to shooting

According to NBC Philadelphia, the police are investigating the entire incident, which comes after last weekend street racers spinning circles near Temple University led to a shootout.

Back then, a car trying to pass through an intersection on which two cars were performing the infamous donut stunts opened gunfire.

Luckily, nobody was hurt as a result of the shooting but the police are still investigating that incident as well.

The donut spinning incidents in question are underscoring outrageous, striking lawlessness complicated by the helplessness of the police, which has been pummeled by wokeist attacks against law enforcement.

And worse is to come unless the trend is rapidly reversed and wokeism and “defund the police” aren’t stopped as soon as possible.

Philadelphia has already seen a 17% spike in homicides so far this year vs. the same period of 2020.