The vile ideology of transgenderism is being extensively used these days by the Marxists in order to terrorize America’s population and cower it into submission before the march of the far left to establish a Marxist, wokeist, and transgenderist totalitarian regime.

Two transgender medics, both of them identifying as transgender women, however, have now dealt a severe blow to the ideology of transgenderism as they expressed grave concerns over the spiking number of children who are undergoing gender reassignment through either puberty blockers, or surgery, or both.

It can leave them dysfunctional

Both of the transgender medics in question are top experts in gender reassignment procedures, The Daily Mail reports.

They spoke out in interviews for the newsletter of Bari Weiss, the former NYT writer from the left because of anti-conservative censorship.

Dr Marci Bowers specializes in vaginoplasty, while Erica Anderson is a clinical psychologist at an institution called Child and Adolescent Gender Clinic at the University of California San Francisco.

Bowers commented that too often doctors are putting children who “question their gender” on puberty blockers.

She accused a body called “World Professional Association for Transgender Health” of being intolerant of dissent with respect to the rampant application of puberty blockers.

Bowers said the body is ostracizing anybody “who doesn’t absolutely buy the party line that everything should be affirming,” which is “a mistake.”

Anderson, on the other hand, revealed that she submitted to The New York Times an op-ed warning about the risks that gender reassignment treatments carry but the leftist and transgenderist propaganda machine just turned it down – as it was clearly dissenting from what it is supposed to propagate.

The Daily Mail notes that gender dysphoria affects boys and men, often starting as early as the age of two, but it affects about .01% of males, which is one in 10,000, as per the latest research, while 7 in 10 children diagnosed with it eventually outgrow it.

That is why there was a policy of waiting for that to occur in most cases.

However, that has been replaced with “affirmative care”, which seems to be at the heart of transgenderist ideology – it is proactively urging children to change their gender through blockers or surgery.

Bowers warned that the surgery “can leave people sexually dysfunctional,” and that this isn’t discussed much.

She added that while such treatments could “make wonders” for gender reassignment, the patients aren’t “as functional”, which affects their sexual health, “reproductive rights” and “ability to find intimacy.”

Young people regretting it

Anderson, on the other hand, declared her fear that many young people may later regret such life-changing decisions so early in their lives.

She said people are getting “rushed through the medicalization” and are being subjected to “sloppy healthcare work” – so much so that “more young adults…will regret having gone through this process.”

Both Bowers and Anderson seem to be exposing the worst excesses of the medical industry associated with the imposition of the transgenderism variant of Marxism.

Not that the Marxist overlords will listen.

After all, they don’t care about people but about power and money and eternalized status.