Many of the far-left Democrats taking over the Biden administration are dead bent on keeping up their attempts to rob American citizens of their guns, and, even more importantly, of their gun rights under the Second Amendment.

The logic of the modern-day Democrats is simple – strip American men and women of guns, and you’re stripping them of the right and ability to defend themselves.

The latter is crucial for the anti-gun activists now trying to complete their takeover of the US government.

Luckily, American gun-lovers are prepared to stand in the way of that, and the continuing and actually spiking popularity of gun ownership and guns signify a commitment to Second Amendment rights and thus to the invariable freedom, rights, and democracy of the American people.

New figures from the National Shooting Sports Foundation based on an up-to-date survey of firearm retailers, with the data used to compile detailed estimates of gun ownership in the United States in the first half of 2021, reveal this much.

Thus, the NSSF figures show that a total of more than 3.2 Americans bought a firearm for the very first time in the first six months of this year.

A total of almost 9.8 million gun sale background checks were conducted in the said period, meaning that the 3,247,351 customers who purchased a gun for the first time made up 33.2% of all clients.

The NSSF President and CEO Joe Bartozzi said in a statement that the body’s survey into the buying habits and preferences of firearm purchasers shows that the American public exhibits “a continuing demand for firearms.”

Bartozzi points out that the monthly background check figures for gun sales in the first half of 2021 were second in numbers only to the record-breaking totals registered back in 2020.

In his words, that testifies to both “a strong and healthy appetite from first-time gun buyers” and the fact that the American firearm market has lots of growth potential.

The NSSF chief also remarked that the stable interest in “lawful and responsible” ownership of guns is encouraging, and so is the fact that this noteworthy demand has challenged the manufacturing base so it can meet it.

The more important results from the NSSF survey show that more than 90% of all gun retailers saw an increase in the number of African-American male clients, and 87% saw an increase in the number of African-American female clients.

Almost 84% of the surveyed retailers reported growth in the number of Hispanic-American men who bought firearms, and 87% saw an increase in the number of Hispanic-American women as customers.

An increased number of Asian American clients were registered by over 76.5% for the male base and 82% for the female base.

Other figures show that 22.1% of the customers bought a second firearm after their initial purchase, while 44.5% of those who bought a gun for the first time in the first half of 2021 were under 40.

Also notably, 45.7% of the gun buying customers asked for information on safety training, and 23.6% did sign up for safety training.