The increasingly far-left Marxist and wokeist Biden administration has just moved through its wokeist Attorney General Merrick Garland to persecute American parents who speak out at school board meetings in opposition to their children being terrifyingly brainwashed by wokeism and critical race theory.

Garland has impudently and shamelessly directed the FBI and other law enforcement to tackle “harassment” of school board members – which could be interpreted as any instance in which an outraged American patriot parent speaks out against wokeism and critical race theory, nasty, murderous tools of Marxism to subjugate and destroy American freedom, democracy, republic, and nation.

It turns out Garland may have a personal interested vested in the promotion of critical race theory, which is packed with lies and declares all white people to be evil criminals and oppressors simply due to the color of their skin.

Son-in-law with wokeist contracts and funding from Zuckerberg

The Biden AG’s daughter, Rebecca Garland, turns out to be married to Xan Tanner, who is the co-founder of Panorama Education, an organization doing teachings of the vile critical race theory and getting paid for it with actual contracts with school boards all over the US.

On top of that, Panorama Education with its promotion of anti-American wokeism and critical race theory is also funded by no other than Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, reports say.

This has been revealed by an alarmed parents’ organization on Thursday called Parents Defending Education (PDE), as cited by The Daily Mail.

PDE is categorical that Garland clearly has a conflict of interest through his daughter’s marriage as he has instructed the FBI to react to “threats” against school board officials, a measure widely construed as aimed as silencing opposition to critical race theory.

The wokeist Panorama Education group is active in places such as Dallas, New York City, San Francisco, Detroit, and Indianapolis, among others.

Asra Nomani, PDE’s vice president of investigations and strategy declared on Twitter that “Garland has a serious conflict of interest.”

She accused him of having “declared a war on parents” and “trying to silence parents” as his daughter’s husband whose company has “multimillion contracts with school boards.”

According to a New York Times announcement, Garland’s daughter Rebecca and wokeist Xan Tanner got married in 2018. Both of them have gone to Yale University.

Transgenderism, too

Apart from being wokeist, the Garland-connected Panorama Education apparently boasts the full ideological spectrum of vicious modern-day American Marxism’s sub-ideologies as it also evidently promotes transgenderism.

That is no surprise as Marxist subdivisions wokeism and transgenderism typically go hand in hand.

Erika Sanzi, another PDE official, published on Twitter screenshots of “intrusive” Panorama Education surveys as well as “screeners” asking 12-year-old children if they are “gender fluid” or “pansexual” or some other just as made-up “gender” “identity.”

Nomani has also accused the wokeist Panorama Education of serving as a “Trojan horse for Big Tech in K-12 schools” through its data collection which could be shared with Facebook and used by Zuckerberg’s company as indicated before Congress by whistleblower Frances Haugen.

The new information into Garland’s daughter and son-in-law and his wokeist and trasngenderist “Panorama Education” makes the Biden AG’s crackdown on parents outraged by wokeism even more disgusting.