When earlier this week he instructed the FBI and other law enforcement to crack down on “harassment” of school board members across the nation – clearly referring to parents protesting kids’ indoctrination through critical race theory – the Biden administration’s repugnant Attorney General Merrick Garland has really crossed the line that exposed what is practically a far-left conspiracy in the US government to impose wokeist Marxism on our innocent youth.

On top of everything else, it turned out that, as all “good” Marxists in history who never actually do any of their anti-human ideological actions unless it benefits them personally, Garland has been exposed by one parent group as having a conflict of interest – or rather a vested interest – in CRT as his son-in-law operates a large-scale organization with school board contracts around America in which it’s getting paid taxpayer money exactly to teach and promote critical race theory.

Threatened with actual persecution as lowly criminals by the Garland-dispatched American law enforcement that the vicious Marxists from the Biden administration wish to use as anti-American storm troopers, America’s parents are being forced to rethink their options to fight the gross injustice that’s being done to their children, to themselves, and to the great American nation.

Mass exodus could do it

One Florida mother has made a public call for a radical solution and maybe one of the best options out there: just pull out your children from public schools whose boards are forcing upon them the evil indoctrination into CRT, wokeism, and Marxism.

Just create a “mass exodus” from the liberal leftist public school system, Florida mother of three Quisha King, who is black, called on Thursday night in remarks made at the Pray Vote Stand Summit, which was organized by the Family Research Council group in Leesburg, Virginia.

40-year-old King, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, was among numerous panelists who presented their efforts to fight anti-American wokeist agendas forced upon the schools as well as the US military.

She has been campaigning against the vicious critical race theory for a while now together with Moms for Liberty, her activist group.

King has revealed that she used to vote Democrat up until 2016 when she discovered God and start to no longer see life solely through the lens of “being black.”

Subsequently, she worked as a Republican National Committee regional coordinator, and by profession is a marketing and communications expert.

King lambasted the Biden administration for having become so forceful in its desire to crack down on conservative families that through Garland’s order it has now resorted to employing the FBI to terrorize those who disagree with wokeism.

Deny them the money

The Florida mother declared that “at this point”, in her view, “the only thing to do” in order to fight the imposition of wokeism on American children is to “have a mass exodus from the school system.”

She made the call during her panel at the event, which was entitled “The Battle for America’s Classrooms” in which she also revealed that CRT has been “extremely pervasive” in schools across the United States.

King said she discovered that vile wokeist Marxist CRT workshops and events have been held in schools in Duval County, Florida, as early as 2001.

She emphasized the urgent need to stand up and fight CRT because the Marxist crusade against America by poisoning its children isn’t “going away” and “the enemy has no chill.”

King insisted that the exodus of children from the Marxist-run public school system would really send the needed message of beating down CRT since it will deny the wokeist school boards the money coming from “our child being in their school.”

She insisted that this is the moment of truth and that the exodus must be done however hard it might seem.

She certainly has a very good point.