Among his various murky financial, drug-related, and other dealings, Sleepy Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is mysteriously selling artwork of his own for sums ranging from $75,000 to $500,000.

Because whatever it is, Hunter can do it: be it managing a Ukrainian energy corporation, be it drawing pretentious art, be it using Air Force 2 as a planetary cab service, be it going wild in a drug-ridden orgy with prostitutes, be it leaking all of that out through laptops all over the place, there is no stopping Hunter, the talented and inspired individual that he is.

Especially if daddy is occupying the White House, or is at least the veep – for Obama or whoever.

Plus, it turns out that Hunter Biden’s business is good business for those around him, too.

Again, especially if daddy Joe is the veep or the prez, unconscious as he might be.

Business is good.

150,000 going 500,000

Take the New York City-based Georges Berges Gallery, which is representing Hunter Biden the artist, aka Hunter Biden the president’s son.

The Soho gallery has just two (2) employees, and yet it has somehow received a whopping $580,000 in COVID-19 disaster funding assistance, according to records revealed by The New York Post.

At first, last year, the Georges Berges Gallery applied with the Small Business Administration last year for a $150,000 COVID disaster assistance loan – and got it.

Yet, by some kind of magic, in July 2021, which is six months after Daddy Sleepy Joe occupied the White House, SBA revised the loan amount and awarded the two-person art gallery another $350,000 – for a total of $500,000 in pandemic assistance.

Among those, in February 2021 but also in April 2020, the gallery got two more loans worth a combined total of $80,000 under the Paycheck Protection Program, for a grand total of $580,000.

Two months after the July revision of its COVID-19 loan, the gallery hosted a pop-up show at Milk Studios in Hollywood in order to sell Hunter’s paintings at prices between $75,000 and $500,000.

Hunter’s got good sales already, the talent that he is

In the spring of 2022, the Soho gallery is also going to organize a New York City show of Hunter’s inspired work – after pushing it back from October 2021.

Video photos and footage obtained by The Daily Mail show Hunter Biden and Berges with about 200 people on October 1 at the Milk studios, an exclusive invite-only celebrity packed.

There are reports that Hunter sold at least 5 prints of his work for $75,000 apiece already before the LA event, and it is unknown if or how many works he sold after the show.

The NYP report says there isn’t any information available to prove that Democrat President Joe Biden was somehow involved with the boosted relief loans to the two-person enterprise, nor that his son profited directly from those payments.

Nonetheless, the massive amount of money is highly suspicious for such a small firm, and one selling the works of the presidential son, and at mysteriously high prices at that.

So the whole thing warrants grave ethical concerns, if nothing else!