Just like wokeism, its Marxist sub-ideological twin – transgenderism – is going berserk in places in America that are run by the liberal leftist and increasingly “progressivist”, i.e. Communist, Democratic Party.

The rationale of the neo-Marxists, “cultural Marxists” – or just plain Marxists – is simple: “class” failed in the “class struggle” totally made up by the fluffy mid-19th century head of their grand chief Karl Marx.

However, “minorities” – racial in wokeism – and “gender” in transgenderism – can now be the new “classes” and do the new class struggle in order to destroy everything that’s good and pure: from a competition-based market and innovation economy to meritocracy, democracy, freedom, and America as a republic, nation, and state.

All of that, in the hellish vision of today’s American Marxists, is supposed to lead to a far-left totalitarian dictatorship that’s almighty and all-invasive thanks to Big Tech, run by filthy rich party Commie apparatchiks of the Nancy Pelosi type.

That’s transgenderism and wokeism are crucial for them: as brands of Marxism, they are tasked with ripping America apart so bad that it couldn’t be put together again.

This isn’t your old-school feminism or gay rights struggle – which, regardless of being rather repulsive for the most part, might have actually made sense here and there.

Transgenderism, on the other hand, is totally vicious: it’s taken up a disorder that used to be categorized as a mental illness until very recently and has turned it berserk as a mainstream.

And what’s the worst: it’s going after innocent children as young as newborn babies!

Transgenderists wish to turn babies into de facto worms – genderless beings that might as well just keep trying to mate with themselves!

And they should be starting to do that very young, you know!

Come on now: kids gotta be brainwashed early on.

Otherwise, God knows, they might turn out normal!

Then the Marxists’ dream of a hellish anti-utopia with them on top would go to hell.

The state of California has been turned into one of the most repulsive frontrunners for both wokeism and transgenderism.

Having just adopted a lot to force its students to study “ethnic studies” – which includes all imaginable kinds of people except for the eternally “evil” white people – California’s disgraced Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has just signed another horrifying law.

On Sunday, he went all-out transgenderist by greenlighting legislation forcing stores in the state to showcase “gender-neutral” sections in which traditional “gender identity” blue and pink items will be banned.

This goes for products such as toys and toothbrushes – in a victory for LGBTQ-whatever activists who are known for being deranged with their “gender stereotypes” horse crap.

For the time being, clothes are excluded from the official transgenderist Democrat Communist Party line, and large departmental stores still have the right to keep some “normal” sections with blue toys for the boys and pink toys for the girls.

Also, the transgenderist law applies only to stores with more than 500 employees.

Not to worry, though – you know that today’s hateful Democrat Commies are taking it one step at a time.

Next time they will ban everything that’s “gender conforming” to encourage the human-worm population.

Why play around, though?

Why don’t the liberal leftist Commies just castrate everybody, have the normal population die off, have Big Tech 3-D print some new genderless beings, supposedly human, non-white of course, to have them as the “masses” for the filthy rich, non-castrated ruling class of Comrades on top to rule over and despise?

Come on.

That will be so wonderful.

Not sure? Just ask your local wokeist-transgenderist activist.