VIDEO: Mexican cartels fire shots across the border into US, taunt National Guard soldiers

The security situation at America’s southern border is just unimaginable as the far-left administration of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has made sure to practically erase it from the map, dooming the efforts of the courageous service personnel on the ground.

Practically anybody who wishes to cross the US – Mexican border and settle in the United States can just go ahead and do it now under the Biden administration.

That is provided, of course, that he or she is from a Third World country – as the Admin in charge of the US government is just eager to populate America with Third World people in order to be able to use them to crush American institutions and democracy and establish a far-left totalitarian regime.

To make matters worse, the murderous Mexican drug cartels who are profiting beyond imagination from the pro-illegal immigration policies of the Biden administration are becoming increasingly impudent and assertive vs. American law enforcement and National Guard personnel.

Hundreds of family units smuggled in per night

More and more cases are being recorded in which cartel thugs are not only taunting the US personnel across the border but are also shooting towards American territory – and the Biden administration is leaving that without any reaction.

This is so striking just remembering that barely 8 months ago America’s southern border was the most secure that it had ever been in decades, and that President Donald Trump was seriously considering designating the Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

In one of the latest incidents, cartel thugs have been shooting into the US from across the border, with a Fox News crew led by journalist Bill Melugin capturing the encroachment on footage.

As per the Fox News video report, multiple rounds were fired across the border by suspected members of a Mexican drug cartel on Thursday night near Roma, Texas, which might be “busiest spot” on the entire southern border for cartel organized crime activities such as human trafficking.

The report also cites a number of Texas National Guard soldiers based at the border who say they have been witnessing in the area numerous cartel gunfights.

Melugin, who saw the gunfire firsthand, said on “America’s Newsroom” that the incident was “remarkable.”

In his words, the members of the Texas National Guard couldn’t be certain whether the gunfire was a shootout among cartel thugs or an “intimidation tactic.”

He also quoted US soldiers as telling him that they have been taunted a lot of times by armed cartel thugs from across the Rio Grande.

Melugin noted that National Guard soldiers are stationed all over the area to monitor for human smugglers and runners.

He revealed he witnessed numerous rafts with illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande into Texas.

In one of the cases that he saw, the Texas National Guard managed to turn back one of the boats.

Melugin also disclosed the staggering scale of the human trafficking, with countless illegals crossing into the United States every single day.

In his words, late at night his crew could see “a constant stream of these rafts and these human smugglers…bringing across hundreds of family units,” he said.

Smugglers aren’t afraid

The Fox News journalist said the smugglers aren’t afraid at all from the US service personal, with one shirtless smuggler laughing and making jokes at us – simply because the Biden administration has turned America into the laughing stock of criminals from around the world – from the Taliban terrorists to the Mexican thugs.

Melugin was told by one illegal who came to the US on one of those rafts that he paid the respective drug cartel a total of $12,000 to smuggling him with his wife and child into the US.

On top of everything, according to Melugin’s report, National Guard soldiers cannot even arrest the smugglers when the latter reach the shoreline because of fear of retaliation.

The US soldiers are afraid that “other smugglers will take it out on the migrants” – they could overturn a raft, which would then necessitate a risky rescue operation.

So just like that, day after day, countless and countless Third World people are allowed to just settle inside the United States – to the great benefit of the far-left.

At the same time, the murderous, hellish Mexican drug cartels are getting filthy rich and making fun of America.

Why wouldn’t they? They have it so good thanks to Sleepy Joe Biden and his wokeist clique.

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