Marxism in its various forms has a disgusting habit of falsifying history, or just plain and simple stuffing the history it tells, its own “interpretation”, with lies – just in order to prove the idiotic and utterly claims, forecasts, and historical destinies that it claims are real, just and good.

Well, at least they are good for the Marxist rulers of the “masses” – because they get to be fabulously rich by exploiting the government while ruling over the brainwashed, zombie-like common folk that they so despise.

Making up their history is one of the most popular tools for Marxists to justify their agendas as well as any atrocities they get to commit.

With wokeism raging berserk in America at full swing under the Biden administration, yesterday’s Columbus Day is a “natural” occasion for the liberal Marxist left to go rabid with wokeist poison.

Marxist ‘genocide’ accusations

Columbus – the man who actually did indeed discover America – for the Europeans to whom he belonged, and who are the ancestors of the majority of the American nation – is now getting accused of all sorts of crimes that he didn’t commit.

The most ridiculous of those is a “genocide” on the Native American population: never mind that, for the most part, wiping out was caused by contagious diseases to which the Native Americans had no immunity – and not by Columbus playing Hitler or Stalin (one of the Marxists’ heroes, by the way) and deliberating deciding to cause “genocide.”

Truth and reality are, of course, of no concern whatsoever for the Marxism-poisoned mind – in it, if you make something up, it’s true.


That’s how the deranged head of the father of their murderous movement, mid-19th century German philosopher Karl Marx, found an easy ideological fix.

The monstrous irony is that those who accuse Christopher Columbus of committing vast genocide actually do admire real perpetrators of mass genocide – such as the above-mentioned Stalin, his teacher Vladimir Lenin, Chinese mass murderer Mao Zedong, Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh, all the Kims in North Korea, Cuba’s Castros, Cambodia’s Pol Pot, Yugoslavia’s Josip Tito, you name it.

Apparently now for the liberal leftist Marxists, the great late medieval explorer and visionary Christopher Columbus – without whom there wouldn’t even be an America for the Marxists to trash and try to destroy while enjoying vastly its benefits and amenities – is not just a “perpetrator” of “genocide” but also a crazy person.

This much was told by Rep. Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) who tweeted that Columbus was a “genocidal maniac”, and did it on his holiday.

Dawn of Western Civilization in America

Now imagine the global historical impact, most of it no doubt for the better of humanity, and the achievements of Christopher Columbus – and compare that to the nothingness of some globally unknown Democrat member of the House who uses the technology offered her by big tech to trash the great explorer.

One of the best responses to the Marxist idiocy on Columbus Day was the tweet by Senator Doug Mastriano (R-PA) who said we are celebrating Columbus’ arrival in the Americas as “the dawn of Western Civilization in the New World.”

The Twitter account of the House Republicans in the meant time tweeted that the day in question is “called Columbus Day – pass it on” – to all the Marxists wishing to abolish this American holiday.