Gov Newsom officially saved the planet! Outlaws the sale of new gas-powered chainsaws, leaf blowers, and lawnmowers by 2024!

Under fire Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has officially outlawed the sale of all newly developed, gas-powered chainsaws, leaf blowers, and lawnmowers in the state of California by at least 2024.

The new legislation, signed into law by Newsom himself this week, was first reported on by The Sacramento Bee, which stated that the California Air Resources Board have been ordered to “phase out” the sale of gas-powered, small engines by 2024.

The outlet also reported that the new legislation has ordered the Board to research and access funding for the purchase of electrical equipment.

Next up - Boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles…

The new legislation, officially titled as “Assembly Bill 1346,” requires by law that all “small-motor equipment” that is used for landscaping and gardening must meet zero-emission requirements, whilst also “essentially” being a plug-in device or solely battery-powered, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Despite so many burning issues for this country, it seems that the Democrats have recognized the mowers as the biggest one…

The Times analysis of the new legislation continued by stating that the development and sale of new portable gas-powered generators must meet the state’s zero-emission requirements by 2028.

The outlet added further that these new restrictions will come into effect immediately, and will apply to any engine that generates less than “25 gross horsepower.”

Products that fall short of these new requirements include various generators, pumps, golf carts, chainsaws, weed trimmers, leaf blowers, and lawnmowers.

On-road motor vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, off-road motorcycles, boats, and snowmobiles are set to be spared from the new law coming into force.

Move to Texas

Reaction to the new legislation has been mixed, with many opponents of the bill accusing it of killing the landscaping and gardening industry.

Brain Dahle, a Republican State Senator from Bieber, spoke out against the legislation after its passing, and used the recent blackouts across California to support his case.

He stated that the new legislation “hates fuel,” before pointing out the benefits of the source.

Dahle stated that fuel was a reliable source of energy and, whenever the power goes out, it can still be used to power vital equipment throughout the household.

Andrew Bray, who is the vice president of government relations for the National Association of Landscape, reportedly claimed that the new legislation has some “downsides.”

One such, as he pointed out, was the fact that some equipment that would become zero-emission would then become far more expensive than traditional, gas-powered machinery, thereby having a tough financial impact on businesses in the state.

To add to this, many businesses have started leaving the state of California, with the state’s regulations making it extremely tough for many to thrive.

Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that would officially be moving his company’s headquarters out of California and into Texas.

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